Meet Chief Magistrate Judge Donna M. Ryu, the 39th Annual Tara L. Riedley Barristers Choice Award Recipient

We interviewed Donna M. Ryu to learn about her journey to the bench.

Three Things You Should Know About the Dedicated Docket

Here are the three things you should know about the "Dedicated Docket" in immigration courts.

The Evolution of Paid Leave in California

The landscape of paid leave has changed drastically in California in the last two decades and continues to evolve.

The Simple Elegance of a Semicolon

When you mean to suggest a close relationship between two separate statements, consider joining them with this highly effective punctuation mark.

Meet Tonya Saheli, BASF’s Associate Mediation Counsel

We’re delighted to feature Tonya Saheli in our first staff profile.

BASF Statement on SCOTUS Affirmative Action Rulings

BASF and JDC believe diversity is a crucial element of a thriving legal community. For that reason, we have filed amicus briefs supporting affirmative action for decades and are proud of our history of advocacy.

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Meet the JDC Volunteers

Every month, one of our Pro Bono Legal Services projects spotlight a volunteer in BASF's monthly Bulletin. Click to read more.

Leaders Circle Firms

BASF welcomes our newest Leaders Circle Firm, Conrad | Metlitzky | Kane LLP. Click here to read more.


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