Fighting Voter
Suppression: The New Georgia Project

CEO of The New Georgia Project, Nsé Ufot, joined BASF to discuss how voting rights of people of color are currently under attack, and how we can start taking action.

BASF’s Criminal Justice Task Force Influences Police Search Policies

SFPD guidelines for serving search warrants and conducting stop-and-frisk pat-downs are among the latest policies under scrutiny by the Criminal Justice Task Force.

2021 Annual Membership Luncheon Recap

BASF said farewell to outgoing Board members and welcomed in a new class, as well as recognizing a few members who have shined in 2021.

BASF Celebrates 150 Years

Join the celebration and read about the 150 years of
legal excellence and service BASF has provided so far.

JDC Lawyers Secure Move-Away Order for Domestic Violence Victim

For one client of JDC, the lockdown orders offered a chance to escape an abusive relationship, move out of state with her children, and get herself back on her own two feet. 

A Conversation With Women Attorneys: Advice to My Younger Self

Watch an empowering virtual panel discussion among women attorneys and judges from different sectors as they shared personal advice and stories from their first 10 years of practice.

Immigration Advocates Ask in Absentia Removals Be Stopped

Read about the action organizations are taking in response to the potential risk of removal to hundreds of individuals whose immigration hearings have been rescheduled unexpectedly.

Anderson Concludes BASF Presidency Hopeful for the Future

Board President Marvin Anderson reflects on the recent achievements BASF has worked toward in spite of uncertainty. 

Minority Bar Coalition Awards

BASF is proud to congratulate the following bar member attorneys for receiving the Minority Bar Coalition (MBC) 2021 Unity Awards.

Barristers Diversity Conference Focused on Solid Solutions

Two honorees were recognized for their efforts to increase awareness of diversity issues in the Bay Area Legal Community during the 13th Annual Barristers Club Diversity Conference and Reception.

Barristers Annual Meeting 2021 Recap

Attorneys in their first 10 years of practice were provided with invaluable tips for practicing law ethically and mindfully.

Legal Writing Tip: Give the Judges What They Want

The four judges on the opening panel of the Barristers Annual Meeting offered a number of tips for writing better briefs that reflected not only their preferences, but those of judges across the nation.

JDC Volunteers Recognized for Outstanding Support

See who went above and beyond to support JDC's mission over the last few months. 

Maximizing Case Efficiencies With a Discovery Referee Part 2

Many litigants are voluntarily turning to Discovery Referees to help parties resolve their disputes in a cost-effective and timely manner. Part 2 of this article addresses the many benefits of using private adjudication in the discovery arena. 

Introducing the New Deputy Executive Director of BASF

A quick introduction to Lisa Handley, your new Deputy Executive Director.

Staff Spotlight: Robert Rodriguez

As the first friendly face you’ll see when you visit our new office, we're highlighting Robert Rodriguez, our longtime Facilities Manager here at BASF & JDC.


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