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Can law students join BASF? 

  • Yes, law students can become BASF members at a reduced rate. As a law student member, you'll gain access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs to kickstart your legal career.

Who else can join BASF? 

  • Categories of membership include
    • Attorneys
    • Law Students
    • Non-Attorneys
    • In-House Counsel

Are there opportunities for early career attorneys to get involved? 

  • Absolutely! BASF offers various Barristers sections and committees tailored to the interests of early career attorneys. These groups provide leadership opportunities, access to experienced practitioners, and a supportive network for career growth. 

Does BASF offer pro bono opportunities for members? 

  • Yes, BASF's Justice & Diversity Center (JDC) {link} offers many pro bono opportunities, allowing members to impact the community while gaining valuable legal experience. Engage in meaningful pro bono work and contribute to advancing justice for all. 

How are membership dues calculated?

  • Attorney membership dues are based on the first State Bar admit date.

BASF is your gateway to a thriving legal community in San Francisco. We offer valuable resources and benefits to enhance your career, including diverse networking events and legal education programs. Join us for rewarding pro bono opportunities and professional development initiatives. Connect with like-minded peers and positively impact our community through volunteer opportunities. Choose BASF for unparalleled support, growth, and meaningful connections within the legal profession. Become a member today and unlock the full potential of your legal career in San Francisco.