Criminal Justice Taskforce

In 2015, the BASF Board of Directors convened a taskforce on the criminal justice system, composed of prosecutors, defense attorneys, civil rights attorneys, law professors, the judiciary, members of law enforcement, and police oversight agencies.

The Criminal Justice Taskforce formed several subcommittees to examine current practices regarding the collection and retention of data in detentions/arrests, analysis of collected data, use and policies regarding body cameras, training regarding bias (including implicit bias), use of grand juries in police-involved shootings, civilian oversight, use of force, Taser© use/safety, and bail reform.

The taskforce meets monthly while the committee work is ongoing. Each committee has undertaken a comprehensive examination of best practices in each of the subject areas to provide reports grounded in research and supported by data and/or expert opinion. Below, we share some of our research, recommendations, and media coverage.

Criminal Justice Taskforce, 2016
Criminal Justice Taskforce, 2016