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Reasons to Join

Join this prestigious and diverse legal organization, offering networking opportunities, professional development through CLE programs, thought leadership platforms, community involvement, and career advancement. BASF membership provides a comprehensive and enriching experience that fosters growth, connection, and success in your legal career.


Networking Opportunities

BASF provides unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing members to connect with fellow legal professionals, influential leaders, judges, and in-house counsel, fostering valuable relationships.

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Professional Development

Access to cutting-edge CLE programs, webinars, and industry insights equips members with the knowledge and skills to excel in their legal careers.

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Thought Leadership

BASF offers platforms to showcase expertise and contribute to legal discussions, elevating members' professional reputation and influence within the legal community.

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Community Involvement

Membership in BASF allows members to actively participate in community engagement, pro bono work, and initiatives dedicated to driving positive change in society.

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Advocacy and Representation

BASF is a powerful advocate for its members, addressing critical issues affecting the legal profession and amplifying their collective voice on relevant matters.

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Exclusive Benefits

Members enjoy exclusive discounts, valuable resources, and special events, enhancing their legal practice and personal well-being.

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Join the Bar Association of San Francisco for access to a thriving legal community. Benefit from attorney networking events, legal education programs, pro bono opportunities, and professional development initiatives. Connect with like-minded peers and positively impact our community. Choose BASF for unparalleled support, growth, and meaningful connections within the legal profession. Join us today!

Leader Circle – Johanna Calabria

The Bar Association of San Francisco is a one-stop shop for law firms in our community to become involved: community service, diversity initiatives at the forefront of the nation, excellent trial and practice resources, a social outlet filled with conscientious and interesting folks who also want to positively impact our community, and more.

BASF Leaders Circle Firm

Leader Circle – Molly Lane

Our support for BASF has been repaid many times over by the benefits we receive in return. The leadership and networking opportunities by themselves make our participation worthwhile. But we also know that we are supporting our community and helping in a large way to improve the practice of our profession. We are proud to be a BASF leaders circle firm.

Molly Moriarty Lane, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius