Conflict Intervention Service

Transforming lives, transforming affordable housing, transforming community.

Offering help with your housing conflicts
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Conflict Intervention Service (CIS): A Compassionate, Flexible, and Rapid Response Service

This innovative program utilizes skilled mediators with diverse backgrounds in landlord-tenant law, psychology, addiction, mental health and housing conflict to resolve disputes in affordable housing that can lead to eviction or homelessness. CIS started as a grant-funded project of the City and County of San Francisco in partnership with the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Bay Area Mediation Services Program.

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Our Helpline: (415) 782-8940


CIS deploys creative solutions to avoid evictions and prevent homelessness

CIS offers:

  • Communication tools to help residents and housing providers de-escalate conflict
  • Mediation among and between residents, housing providers, and related support staff
  • Rapid assistance from our multi-disciplinary team of mediators

CIS components:

  • Shuttle mediation for cases involving chronic conflict, and disputes best handled through multiple, one-on-one conversations to repair trust
  • Social service support and housing resource referrals
  • Interpreter services
  • Structured mediation sessions and facilitated meetings
  • Conflict coaching and supported communications
  • Conflict management trainings and communications consulting

The kinds of disputes CIS helps resolve:

  • Conflict among residents that jeopardize housing stability
  • Provider-resident disputes which involve any lease-related obligations such as rent disputes, house rules or hoarding
  • Litigated eviction cases and matters concerning violations of stipulated judgments

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Video Transcript:
Transforming lives, transforming affordable housing, transforming community. This is the Conflict Intervention Service, a groundbreaking program in San Francisco, aiming to reduce homelessness by preventing evictions, a free service to residents and providers of supportive, and affordable housing across the city. CIS started in 2016 with a grant from the City and County of San Francisco. Operated by the Bar Association of San Francisco, CIS is changing the conversation about homelessness by using creative tools and approaches in mediation to build stronger, more compassionate communities.

The primary mission of CIS is to resolve conflict between housing providers and residents to avoid eviction among vulnerable populations, particularly the elderly, veterans, persons with disabilities, families with children, and those with mental and behavioral health conditions. We do that through mediation, conflict coaching, and facilitating difficult conversations, all supported by social service professionals. We respond rapidly and flexibly to any conflict that disrupts affordable housing communities and wherever a vulnerable individual faces the loss of their home. Most of our cases are reported through our helpline where anyone may report a situation. CIS mediators are highly trained interdisciplinary professionals with decades of experience.

CIS is also working alongside the award-winning Lower Polk Community Benefit District, its the landlord-tenant clinic, and U.C. Hastings College of the Law, to expand our services to different properties, providers and residents, and build new collaborations. CIS offers a wide range of services, including online mediation and restorative practice circles. This is CIS: a compassionate, flexible, and rapid response service.