What people are saying about the Conflict Intervention Service

CIS – Client Allen G.

Throughout the mediation process, the CIS mediator’s deep knowledge, guidance, coaching and infinite patience made for a positive, safe and affirming experience.

Allen G.

CIS – Client Lisa M.

This program was such a lifesaver to us personally and professionally.  With the assistance of the mediators we were able to make informed decisions and open up a dialogue with our landlord, who had been totally unresponsive.  We were able to settle with him and go back to focusing 100% of our efforts in staying in business.  Thank you!!

Lisa M.

CIS – Client Ross L.

I recently had to renegotiate a commercial lease in San Francisco.  The landlord was initially unwilling to discuss any modification. I was fortunate enough to be referred to the Conflict Intervention Service offered by the San Francisco Bar Association.  They offered me expert guidance in a timely fashion plus a separate legal referral.  They helped to clarify the laws and ordinances surrounding the issues and advised on a constructive approach.  The mediators' support was instrumental in allowing me to arrive at what turned out to be a mutually agreeable solution.  I highly recommend this free service to anyone in the community who faces complex commercial lease and legal issues.

Ross L.

CIS – Client Jang

It has been a very, very astonished productive short term project to get to an efficient, stress- free and positive result. During one short week, CIS mediators worked with calm, and were prudent; they can see all sides of the problems. With only one week, CIS helped me step- by- step to get to the solution. Above all, you edited my English writing tirelessly without any trail of frustration. Congratulations on your great job that CIS made your client like me so happy with more than expected result while I can sustain amicable relationship with my landlord.


CIS – Client Nick R.

Services provide by CIS were central to my successful re-negotiation of my business lease during Covid.  CIS mediators served as fair, impartial, and very well informed mediators of a challenging lease conflict; which was ultimately resolved thanks, in large part, to their efforts.  I am sincerely grateful.

Nick R.

CIS – Client Maribel

As an Executive Director of a small nonprofit who primarily supports low to moderate income, immigrant business owners I highly recommend CIS (Conflict Intervention Services). Their professional and quick response time has proven to be a lifeline for our struggling small business. Their work ethic, persistence and strong passion for our client's needs have exceeded my expectations and as we navigate this economic crisis they have given my organization the needed compass to provide the real world support our businesses need.


CIS – Client Peter C.

It's been close to 4 long months working with CIS and it has been a rollercoaster due to extension after extension of the moratorium. We are working with tenants who are hard to reach and cooperate with. CIS has been more than instrumental in this mediation. From getting our tenants to communicate with us to legally obtaining our property back, CIS led us through it all. They work outside business hours and use all forms of communication to accommodate the tenants and landlords. Every case is different, and they do not use a standard approach. They listen, follow up, and provide thoughtful suggestions that yield results. They have a 'don't give up' attitude and know when to pivot when the strategy is not running well. They work as a team and bring on different facets of expertise. Though they may have different thoughts about how to go about a situation, they take the time to vet through with me to conclude the best solution. Yes, they are neutral and it is a free service so one may think it's not a valuable service. But take it from me, they have proven to be critical in this unprecedented time. I didn't expect to have reached this level of agreement with my tenants and though we are a few steps away from being whole, I have confidence that with this team - we will get there.

Peter C.