Bay Area Mediation Services

Cut the emotional and financial burdens of disputes with mediation.

BASF’s professional mediators resolve disputes in over 30 areas of law. Our mediators have, on average, 30 years of law practice. Clients and attorneys report an impressive 97% satisfaction rate with the program.

To schedule mediations, both parties need to agree to mediate. If both agree, you are ready to go.

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Our Mediation Package

For $295 per party, you get:

  • Two hours of mediation
  • One hour of mediation preparation
  • Professional, helpful staff to contact the other party about mediating, if needed
  • Your choice of experienced mediators
  • Professional, helpful staff to match qualified mediators to the area of law
  • Prompt administrative support throughout the process

Most mediations last longer than two hours and may need more than one hour of preparation time. Extra hours (beyond the covered three hours) are paid directly to the mediator at their hourly rate.

BASF mediators are available in San Francisco, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa and San Mateo counties.

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BASF Bay Area Mediation Services
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NOTE: If the other party does not agree to mediation, you will receive a refund less a $45 processing fee.

ADR – Client

The BASF mediator was exemplary as a mediator – kind, caring, intelligent. She sought to be impartial. She made both sides feel heard and respected. She negotiated a very satisfactory reduction in legal fees charged.


ADR – Robert Charles Friese, Esq., Shartsis Friese

We had an excellent experience and, after 8 1/2 hours of mediation, [our BASF mediator] settled a very difficult case involving claims against four clients of ours by a wealthy investor who claimed inadequate disclosure was made.

Robert Charles Friese, Shartsis Friese

ADR – Ann Rankin, Principal, Law Offices of Ann Rankin

BASF and our mediator benefitted the parties and the legal system by resolving a dispute that would otherwise have resulted in costly and protracted litigation.

Ann Rankin, Principal, Law Offices of Ann Rankin