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David Pingitore PhD

Clinical Neuropsychologist

David Pingitore, PhD., Inc.

17 Glen Eden Avenue
Suite 3
Oakland, CA 94611
Phone: (510) 433-7132 Fax: (510) 433-7132 Email: Website:


Psychological and Neuropsychological evaluation of PTSD, TBI, Depression, Symptom magnification


Ph.D; Psychologist;
Licensed: CA, HI, ID, NV, ORE

Formal Education

Ph.D, Psychology, Wright Institute,1990

Registration and Licenses

Board Certified Clinical Psychology

Previous/Current Position

Consulting Neuropsychologist Spectrum Rehabilitation Hospital, Modesto, CA.


NIMH Fellow/Visiting Scholar- UC Berkeley; Post Doctoral Fellow; Michigan State University.

Prof. Affiliations

American Psychological Association, American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, National Academy of Neuropsychology.


The Disgruntled Examiner, 2019, The Specialist, Vol. 42. Mind Games: How the Expert Neuropsychologist Supports the Defense in Traumatic Brain Injury Claims. For The Defense, March 2017, Vol. 59, No.3.
Assessing Neuro-Cognitive Complaints After Brain Injury: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in Civil and Criminal Litigation. The American Trial Lawyer, (II), III, 18-21. Practice Patterns Across the Clinical Life Span: Results From the California Survey of Psychological Practice. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, (36)4, 434-440. Pingitore, D.P. (2019).

Prior Expert

Total Defense Cases, 52 Current Cases: Ongoing
Total Plaintiff Cases, 12 Current Cases: Ongoing

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