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Edward J. Hyman

Edward J. Hyman, R. Nevitt Sanford Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, Emeritus, Center for Social Research

Director, California Institute of Forensic Sciences

39 Seacape Drive
Sausalito, CA 94965
Phone: (415) 388-4479 Alternate: (415) 971-9725 Email:

Specialty Areas

ADA, Adolescent/Child, Discrimination and EEO, Eyewitness Identification, Family/Marriage, Psychiatry - Sexual Harassment/Assault, Psychology - Criminal, PTSD, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Harassment/Assault, Wrongful and "At Will" Termination


Criminal-serious felonies; capital/special circumstances. Violence and Sexual Violence Risk Assessment. Competency, Sanity, Non-Sanity Defenses of Mitigation and Exculpation. Sentencing in state and federal matters Employment Law incl: Discrimination (age, sex, ethnicity, and ADA), Wrongful Termination; Sexual Harassment/Assault; Trauma; Psychiatric/Psychological Malpractice; Police Misconduct; Psychodiagnostic Assessment; review other expert’s work. Custody Evaluation reviews.


PhD; C. Phil.; AB; Lic. Psychologist, CA. Board of Medical Quality Assurance, State of Hawaii Psychology Board; Board Cert., Forensic Clinical Psychology; Fellow, California Institute of Forensic Sciences.


Senior Fellow, Center for Social Research; PhD, UC Berkeley; C. Phil., UC Berkeley; Graduate Studies, Dept. of Psychology and Social Relations, Harvard University; AB, Psychology & Middle East Languages & Cultures, Columbia College, Columbia University.

Current/Previous Positions

Director, California Institute of Forensic Sciences; R. Nevitt Sanford Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry and Law Emeritus, Center for Social Research, Berkeley; Director, National Institute of Forensic and Behavioral Sciences; Assist. Dean, Joint Medical Education Program, UC Berkeley/UCSF; Director, Doctoral Program and Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco, SF; Visiting Professor, Dominican University; Lecturer, UC Berkeley; On-Air Consultant: NBC, ABC, CBS & CNN Network News, Frontline. Correspondent, Huntley-Brinkley Report, NBC Network News.

Honors Awards

Fellow, California Institute of Forensic Sciences; Fellow, Am. Assoc. for Advancement of Science; Diplomate, Forensic Clinical Psychology; Outstanding Faculty Researcher, USF; Presidential Fellow, Univ. of CA.; Trustee, Am. Child Abuse Prevention Soc.; Consultant, US DOJ; State of California DOJ; Dir., Inst. of Forensic Sciences, UC-Berkeley; Who’s Who In The Frontier of Science and Technology, Who’s Who in America; Recruiting Committee, Columbia University, Columbia College, Chair; Alumni Admissions Committee, Columbia College; Board, No. Ca. Alumni Assoc., Columbia University; Columbia College Deans Award, 2009.

Prof. Affiliations

Amer. Psych. Assoc.; Am. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science; Am. Child Abuse Prevention Society, Trustee; Am. Orthopsychiatric Assoc.; Am. Assoc. of University Professors; Am. College of Forensic Psychology; Am. Board of Forensic Medicine, Diplomate and Fellow; Am. Board of Psychological Specialties, Diplomate and Fellow, Member, Examination Committee; Am. Psychology Law Society, Founding Member; International Society of Political Psychology, Member; Int’l Soc. for Applied Psychology; International Society of Political Psychology. Society for Psychological Assessment.


numerous incl: LIFE STRESS S.B. Day, Ed., VanNostrand Reinhold Medical Series, Child Abuse and Stress: Sociosituational Interpretation; “Are Competency Exams Competent?”, Annals of American College of Forensic Psychology, 1996; “Ethical and Legal Challenges to Psychodiagnostic Evidence,” Society for Personality Assessment Forensic Issues, 2003; “Parental – Child Alienation Syndrome: Reformulation for the New Millennium,” Annals of American College of Forensic Psychology, 2003; Theodore Kaczynski: A Case Study, Society of Personality Assessment, 2012, MMPI-2 v MMPT-2RF in Forensics Applications, Society of Personality Assesment 2014.

Prior Expert Experience

PLAINTIFFS:DISCRIMINATION; Lagrone v IBC Wonderbread (race/sex), Bravo v Pillsbury (sex); Mukihtiar v CSU (race/ethnicity); Rasczewski v DOD (age), Rose-Lee v UC (race/sex); Getten v Sanwa Bank (religious); Mullen v G.E. Westinghouse (sexual/assault); DEFENSE: Carillo v. Lake County College [child sexual abuse]; Gruwell v CircuitSales (sex/harass.); Police Misconduct: PLANTIFFS: Alire v SanPedro; Rotger v Oakland; DEFENSE: Chavez v. Hayward; Barry v F.B.I., Gregsby v Berkeley; Miago v BART (PI), Angle v Kaiser (med. Mal.); CRIMINAL US v Kaczynski: People v Brenden T. (6 yr old attmpt. murder), DEFENSE: People v Andy W. (15 yr. old killed schoolmates/teachers); People v Hudson (molest); People v Torrente (Homicide with 2 Spec. Circ.); People v Livingston (3 Spec. Circ.) People v Bush (Appellate); People v Jeffery T. (17 yr. old attmpt. murder); PROSECUTION: People v Luis M. (11 yr. old killed 16 yr. old); People v Helzer (serial capital murder), People v. Ary (Appellate case). Offices in Berkeley, Capitola, Carmel, Fairfield, Sausalito, Encino, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Newport Beach, New York and Minneapolis.

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