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Dr. Urs Martin Laeuchli


Dr. Urs Martin Laeuchli

Areas of Expertise

Commercial, Defamation, Education, Employment, Family, Intellectual Property, Insurance, International Trade, Landlord-Tenant, Political, and Real Property Disputes

Dr. Urs Martin Laeuchli is an international attorney with over twenty years’ experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Born and raised in Switzerland, Laeuchli received his education first at the University of Zurich and then at Georgetown University. He received his doctorate from Stanford University.

Over the years, Laeuchli has handled hundreds of ADR cases ranging from commercial, defamation, disability, employment, family, intellectual property, international trade, landlord-tenant, political, and real property disputes. He has taught communication, negotiations, law, business, and economics for businesses, professional associations, and at universities in both the United States and Europe. His many publications cover subjects as diverse as international arbitration, domestic arbitration, real estate trustees, rhetoric, cross-cultural negotiations, economics, law of psychotherapy, and jurisprudence.

Dr. Laeuchli is affiliated with the American Arbitration Association, CDRC, the Chambre Suisse de Médiation Commerciale, the Mediation Society, Mediators Beyond Borders, California Department of Insurance Qualified Mediators List [Earthquake Claims, Automobile Damage, and Residential Property Damage Mediation Program], the former Appellate Mediation Program of the California State Court of Appeals.

He is admitted to practice law in California, New York, and Switzerland and before the United States Supreme Court. Laeuchli is fluent in English and German, and proficient in French.

Hourly Rate: $400 with pro bono and reduced rates for qualifying parties

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