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Laura Goldin

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Laura Goldin

Areas of Expertise

Family Law, including all aspects of Domestic Partnership, Non Marital and Marital Terminations (Asset Division, Child and Spousal Support, Child Custody), Pre and Post Cohabitation and Marital/Domestic Partnership Agreements, Pre-Estate Planning Agreements, Probate Dispute Resolution, Housing Issues

Laura Goldin has practiced family law and probate in California for more than thirty years, over twenty-five of them in the San Francisco Bay Area. For many years, Goldin has served as a highly successful Settlement Master in the San Francisco Superior Courts, where she has resolved nearly all of the matters brought to her. In her law practice, Goldin has concentrated on creative non-litigated case resolution and on amicable settlements.

Goldin has also served as a Hearing Officer at the San Francisco Housing Authority making her uniquely familiar with San Francisco housing issues.

In mediation practice, Goldin’s goal is to facilitate the parties in identifying their issues and resolving their dispute(s) consistent with and specific to their particular situation. Goldin aids in avoiding future disputes by mediating pre-marital/domestic partnership agreements and working to assure that both parties are fully informed and agree upon the terms of their relationship. Goldin has developed a niche practice in pre-estate planning by working with families to create agreements which avoid litigation over estates and inheritances. Goldin is experienced in helping parties direct their highly charged emotions to practical and lasting resolution. Goldin also assists parties in avoiding housing disputes.

Goldin has extensive training and experience in mediation. In October, 2011 she participated in the Center for Understanding in Conflict’s Intensive Mediation Training. Goldin is a member of the Family Law Sections of the State Bar of California and the Bar Association of San Francisco, and, as a part of her commitment to improve access to justice, has been active in the legislative process.

Hourly Rate: $350

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