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Stan L. Kephart [ View Listing ]

Police & Security Practices Expert Witness

Kephart Consulting, LLC

Specialty Areas

Hospital Security, Indian Country - Law Enforcement/Security, Night Club, Bar & Casino Security, Police Practices, School Security, Security, Security Officer Conduct


Police & Security Best Practices; Special Event Security Crowd Management and Control; Preempting School Shootings; Nightclub and Hospital Security; Adult and Juvenile Custody, Parole & Probation; In....

Thomas E. Del Torre [ View Listing ]

Security Consultant

Lincoln, CA

Specialty Areas

Night Club, Bar & Casino Security, Security


Expertise in premise liability, nightclub security, as well as Security Guard Conduct. Available for consultation, investigations, and expert testimony. Qualified expert witness for both plaintiff an....

Mark Mooring [ View Listing ]

Proper Authorities, LLC

Ventura, CA

Specialty Areas

Employment, Physical/Personal Security, Security, Workplace Violence


Security, Security Guards, Training, Tactics, Policies, Procedures, Use of Force, Premise Liability, Employer Liability, Personnel Management, Personal Safety, Workplace Violence, Self Defense, Crime....

Ben Tisa - FBI Retired and Associates Police and Security Experts [ View Listing ]

Police and security expert procedures and practices - retired FBI agent

Benedict James Tisa

San Francisco, CA

Specialty Areas

Firearms, Firearms Ballistics, Forced Breaching Procedures, Gun Belt and Weaponing Sling Rigging, Negligent Security Assessments, Night Club, Bar & Casino Security, Officer Involved Shootings, Patrol Officer Arrest Procedures, Police Defensive Tactics, Police Practices, Sniper Team Operations/Procedures, SWAT Team Operations/Procedures, Use of Force


• Firearms
• Firearms Ballistics
• Officer Involved Shootings
• Use of Force
• SWAT Team Operations/Procedures
• Sniper Team Operations/Procedures
• ....

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