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Stan L. Kephart [ View Listing ]

Police & Security Practices Expert Witness

Kephart Consulting, LLC

Specialty Areas

Hospital Security, Indian Country - Law Enforcement/Security, Night Club, Bar & Casino Security, Police Practices, School Security, Security, Security Officer Conduct


Police & Security Best Practices; Special Event Security Crowd Management and Control; Preempting School Shootings; Nightclub and Hospital Security; Adult and Juvenile Custody, Parole & Probation; In....

Ben Tisa - FBI Retired and Associates Police and Security Experts [ View Listing ]

Police and security expert procedures and practices - retired FBI agent

Benedict James Tisa

San Francisco, CA

Specialty Areas

Firearms, Firearms Ballistics, Forced Breaching Procedures, Gun Belt and Weaponing Sling Rigging, Negligent Security Assessments, Night Club, Bar & Casino Security, Officer Involved Shootings, Patrol Officer Arrest Procedures, Police Defensive Tactics, Police Practices, Sniper Team Operations/Procedures, SWAT Team Operations/Procedures, Use of Force


• Firearms
• Firearms Ballistics
• Officer Involved Shootings
• Use of Force
• SWAT Team Operations/Procedures
• Sniper Team Operations/Procedures
• ....

Brian H. Kleiner [ View Listing ]

Professor (Emeritus) of Human Resource Management

at prestigious CA university

Fullerton, CA

Specialty Areas

Accidents - Industrial/Manufacturing, ADA, ADA & Accidents, ADA Compliance, Administration, Benefits and Retirement Plans, Business/Management, CFRA (California Family Rights Act), Discrimination and EEO, Employment, Employment - Workers' Compensation, Executive Compensation, FMLA, Hotel, Hotel/Restaurant Industry, Human Resources/Organizational Development, Industrial Hygiene, Insurance - Workers' Compensation, Interactive Process, Investigation - Employment, Labor/Management Relations, Negligent Hiring (Training/Supervision/Retention), OSHA, Other (slips, trips and falls, household and power tool accidents), Police Practices, Psychology, Reasonable Accommodations, Restaurant, Retailing, Retaliation, RIFs (Reduction In Force), Safety - Human Factors, Safety & Accident Prevention - Industrial/Manufacturing, Safety & Accident Prevention - Other, Safety & Accident Prevention - Transportation, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Harassment/Assault, Transportation/ADA, Vocational/Career Evaluation & Counseling, Wage and Hours, Workplace Investigations, Workplace Violence, Wrongful and "At Will" Termination


Compliance of organizational policies, procedures, and practices with standards of human resources management; preventing and investigating complaints concerning sexual harassment and other forms of ....

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