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Barry Lionel Posner


Posner Healthcare Consulting

1902 Prosser Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: (310) 903-7987 Email: Website:


Healthcare Billing & Cost Analyses, Alignment of Services Delivery and Insurance, Managed Care Operations, Accountable Care Organizations, Medicare, Medicaid, & ACA Program Management, Healthcare Provider Reimbursement & Incentive Strategies.

Formal Education

Master of Science - Healthcare Administration; Bachelor of Science - Health Science and Administration; Associate of Science - Math/Science.

Previous/Current Position

Senior Manager - Blue Shield of California, 2003 - Present; Director of Medical Economics - Cigna Healthcare of California; Senior Contracts Manager - Kaiser Permanente; Health Issues Coordinator - Los Angeles County Medical Association.

Prof. Affiliations

American College of Healthcare Executives; Los Angeles County Bar Association - Expert Witness; Forensic Expert Witness Association.



Prior Expert

Hampton v. Amgen Holdings; L.A. Superior Court; civil tort. Medical billing appropriateness; Tender Care v. Misa; U.S. District Court; civil tort. Termination of Medicare provider number; Zaniewicz v. Mahal; San Joaquin Superior Court; civil tort. medical Billing appropriateness; American Arbitration; Contract disputes.

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