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Joel Mark, Esq. [ View Listing ]

Palm Desert, CA

Specialty Areas

Attorney Fees, Law Firm Dissolutions, Law Practice/Attorney, Legal, Legal Ethics, Malpractice


Over 110+ engagements as an expert witness and consulting engagements in Attorneys’ Fees, Attorney Ethics and Legal Malpractice (litigation) matters.

Basil Plastiras [ View Listing ]


Plastiras & Terrizzi APC

San Rafael, California

Specialty Areas

Attorney Fees, Law Practice/Attorney, Legal, Malpractice


Attorney Malpractice, Commercial Real Estate Disputes, Commercial Real Estate Management, Attorney Ethics, Fee Disputes.
-Martindale-Hubbell AV Pre-eminent, 10/10 Avvo rating, California Superl....

S. L. Shefrin [ View Listing ]

Chief of Neurology

Marin General Hospital

Sausalito, CA

Specialty Areas

Malpractice, Medical, Medical - Medicine & Health, Neurology


General Neurology; Personal Injury Evaluations; Whiplash; Post Concussive Syndrome; Neck and Back Pain; Headache; Memory Loss; Weakness; Trauma; Toxic Exposure; Malpractice; Carpal Tunnel; Disability....

Frederick J. Fisher [ View Listing ]


Fisher Consulting Group

El Segundo, CA

Specialty Areas

Agent/Broker Standard of Care, Bad Faith, Broker Standard of Care, Compliance, Coverage Analysis, Customs/Trade Practices, Directors and Officers, Fiduciary, Insurance, Legal, Life, Health and Disability, Malpractice - Accounting, Management, Marketing, Primary/Excess, Professional Practices, Property Management, Real Estate & Housing, Standards of Care/Due Diligence


Insurance Agent /Broker Professional Liability; Wholesale / MGA/MGU Insurance Professional Liability; Insurer Bad Faith; Claims Adjuster/ TPA Professional Liability; other types of professional Liabi....

Joseph B. Marzouk, [ View Listing ]

Infectious Disease Specialist

Oakland, CA

Specialty Areas

AIDS, Infectious Diseases, Malpractice, Medical, Medical - Medicine & Health


Infectious diseases – infections of all medical and surgical specialties; Infection control; HIV and AIDS; Food poisoning; Hepatitis; Sepsis; Medical malpractice in above areas.

Arnold R. Rabin [ View Listing ]

Ophthalmology Specialist

Mill Valley Eye Center

Mill Valley, CA

Specialty Areas

Malpractice, Medical, Medical - Medicine & Health, Medical - Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology


Expert in Ophthalmology; Eye injuries; Eye surgery; Surgical complications; Decreased Vision; Medical Malpractice; Neuro-ophthalmology; Industrial medicine; Disability; Glaucoma; Cataract; Laser; Ret....

White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna, Wolf & Hunt [ View Listing ]

Barbara Luna, PhD, CPA, CFE, ASA, ABV, CVA, Partner
John Luna, CPA, CFE, ABV, JD, MBA, Partner
Dean Atkinson, CPA, CFE, ABV, Partner
Venita McMorris, MA, Partner

Sherman Oaks, CA

Specialty Areas

Accounting, Appraisal & Valuation, Bad Faith, Business - Forensic Accounting, Business & Corporate, Business/Management, Claims/Disputes, Construction, Directors and Officers, Economic Damages, Economic Loss, Economics, Employment, Finance, General Securities, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property - Patent Infringement, Legal, Lost Earnings, Lost Profits, Malpractice, Medical, Professional Practices, Trademark, Wrongful and "At Will" Termination


Expert witness testimony for complex litigation involving damage analyses of lost profits, unjust enrichment, reasonable royalties, lost earnings, lost value of business, forensic accounting, fraud i....

Anthony D Andre [ View Listing ]

Founding Principal

Human Factors Law

Bay Area, CA and Reno, NV

Specialty Areas

Accidents - Construction, Accidents (Investigation, Analysis, Reconstruction, Reenactment), Amusement Parks, Automotive, Aviation/Airports, Communications/Telecommunications, Construction, Employment, Employment - Workers' Compensation, Engineering - Automotive, Engineering Disciplines, Engineering Disciplines - Safety, Ergonomics, Expert Witness Services, Failure Analysis - Transportation, Highway/Traffic, Human Factors, Labels/Warnings, Malpractice, Medical, Medical Devices/Materials, Mobile, Other (slips, trips and falls, household and power tool accidents), Products Liability, Psychological Trauma, Psychology, Psychology - Personal Injury, Roads/Highways/Heavy Construction, Safety, Safety - Human Factors, Transportation, Transportation - Aviation, Transportation - Bicycle, Transportation - Boating, Transportation - Highway/Traffic/Vehicular, Transportation - Pedestrian, Trial Consultants


Human factors, ergonomics, personal injury accidents of all types (auto, bicycle, boat, motorcycle, pedestrian, skateboard), slips and falls, healthcare medical device design, medication errors, heal....

Guy O. Kornblum [ View Listing ]

Guy O. Kornblum, A Professional Law Corporation

San Francisco, CA

Specialty Areas

Bad Faith, Industry Standards, Insurance, Legal, Life, Health and Disability, Malpractice


Practicing civil trial attorney and expert witness having extensive experience with issues concerning insurance claims handling and standard of care for civil trial counsel and lawyers handling civil....

Nora Ostrofe [ View Listing ]

Senior Economist

J.S. Held

Oakland, CA

Specialty Areas

Accounting, Antitrust, Benefits and Retirement Plans, Economic Damages, Economic Loss, Economics, Employment, Finance, Insurance - Future Medical Costs, Lost Earnings, Malpractice, Medical, Medical-Other, Wage and Hours, Wrongful and "At Will" Termination


Professional, affordable economic loss valuation in the following practice areas: business interruption; business valuation; class action (product liability, wage and hour); divorce | marital dissolu....

Lawrence H. Jacobson [ View Listing ]

Beverly Hills, CA

Specialty Areas

Legal, Malpractice, Real Estate & Housing, Real Estate & Housing - Real Estate, Standards of Care/Due Diligence


Real estate attorney (50+ years) and California Real Estate Broker (40+ years). Expertise includes interpretation of real estate documents, real estate and mortgage brokers’ standard of care, custo....

Michael F. Sedrak [ View Listing ]

A Medical Corporation

Los Angeles, CA

Specialty Areas

Malpractice, Medical, Medical-Other


Includes: bariatric/breast/general/laparoscopic surgery, burns, emergency, trauma, hernia, medical peer review, case analysis, medical malpractice (screen cases for merit, medical record review, medi....

Eworks Electrical Power Inc. [ View Listing ]


Ernest J. Robins

San Francisco, CA

Specialty Areas

Accidents - Construction, Accidents (Investigation, Analysis, Reconstruction, Reenactment), Building Materials, Cannabis, Clean Energy, Construction, Construction - Electrical, Construction - Safety, Energy & Mining Industries, Failure Analysis, Failure Analysis - Construction, Green Energy Technology, Inspection, Malpractice, Malpractice - Construction, Materials Science, Power, Safety, Safety & Accident Prevention - Other, Solar Energy


Electrical Design and Construction, Hydro and Wind Turbine Systems, Solar Power Systems
and Green Energy Technology, High Voltage Systems, Uninterrupted Power Systems Design and

Andrew Wittenberg [ View Listing ]

Board Certified Emergency Care Doctor

Long Beach, CA

Specialty Areas

Malpractice, Medical, Medical - Medicine & Health, Trauma/Emergency/Emergency Medicine


Chairman Dept Emergency Medicine, practicing ER physician 10+ yrs. Catastrophic Injury, Trauma, Stroke, Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory Failure, Hypothermia, Hemorrhage, Head Injury, Heatstroke, Anaphyla....

Jay Grossman [ View Listing ]

Professor of Dental Medicine

Brentwood, CA

Specialty Areas

Dental, Dentistry, Malpractice


As of Dec 2022: I have been deposed over 100 times; reviewed over 975 cases for both defense and plaintiff including peer review, accidents, and malpractice. 52% defense / 48% plaintiff. I have quali....

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