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John S. Preston Esq.


Law Offices of John S. Preston

1138 Skycrest Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94595
Phone: (510) 289-0766 Email: Website:


(A) Specializing in Mediation + Arbitration regarding CAR purchase and sale agreements; Real Estate - all aspects of Real Estate law/practice incl: Buyer & Seller Disputes; Easement, Options, Inspections, Partitions, Construction, Broker Disclosure, Standards of care, Limited Partnerships: Purchase and Sale Contracts, Mortgage and Lending Practices;
(B) Attorney Fee Disputes, Trial testimony regarding reasonable fees has included Lodestar method, Laffey Matrix, Vague & Duplicate billing entries, Block Billing, ambiguous hourly rates. (C) Law Firm Dissolution, Mediation/dispute resolution.


BA, JD, Real Estate Broker (1994), Certified Mediator (UC Berkeley) 87237.

Formal Education

BA, Economics, Syracuse University, 1969; JD, Law, University of Wisconsin, 1972. Wisconsin Law Review.

Registration and Licenses

Licensed Real Estate Broker, State Bar (CA)

Previous/Current Position

General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer for Fayette Manufacturing Corp. Duties included loan agreements, investment prospectuses, limited partnerships and every aspect of corporate troubleshooting, as well as commercial leases, easements, licenses and managing law firms (including reasonable billing practices and fees). Panelist Mediator, Bay Area Counties, regarding attorney fee disputes. Conducted in excess of 200 mediations and arbitrations.


University of Wisconsin Law Review, 1972. Current member, SF INNS of Court.

Prof. Affiliations

CA State Bar Association; AAA, PSA and NYSE arbitration and East Bay county mediation panels.

Prior Expert

(A) RE Expert testimony in over a dozen trials: 20+ yrs testimony. Acted as: Principal, RE Broker, General/Limited Partner, Litigator, Appellate Lawyer, Arbitrator & Mediator. Credentialed Testimony Includes: CAR contracts; "Attorney Fee Clauses" and determination and award of reasonable legal fees, "Agency Relationships" (& other normally inadmissible contractual matters). Credential Expert Testimony includes determination of reasonable and necessary attorney fees during retention using a variety of factors. (B) Arbitrated/Mediated 250+ cases (many with Atty Fees Provisions & Awards).


Over 110+ engagements as an expert witness and consulting engagements in Attorneys' Fees, Attorney Ethics and Legal Malpractice (litigation) matters.


AB, 1969; JD, 1972

Formal Education

A.B. History, U.C. Berkeley, 1969
J.D. Law, U.C. Hastings, 1972


Over 130+ Lectures & Publications on Attorneys' Fees, Attorney Ethics & Legal Malpractice (Litigation).

Prior Expert

110+ Engagements in Legal Fees, Legal Ethics, Attorney Malpractice and Law Firm Dissolution

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