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Eworks Electrical Power Inc.


Ernest J. Robins

280 Newhall Street
San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone: (415) 596-2359 Alternate: (510) 225-9328 Fax: (415) 812-9703 Email:


Electrical Design and Construction, Hydro and Wind Turbine Systems, Solar Power Systems
and Green Energy Technology, High Voltage Systems, Uninterrupted Power Systems Design and
Construction Services, Smart Homes Technologies, EV Battery Charger Systems for Hybrid and All
Electric Vehicles.


C-10 Electrical Contractor, License #1054324 (CA)

Registration and Licenses

Construction Management Certificate (Turner Construction)

Previous/Current Position

Sr. Lead Port Utility Electrician, Port of Oakland, Ca (15 years); High and Medium Voltage Cable Splicing, Relay Testing, Installation and Maintenance; Electrical Construction, Forensic Electrical Inspections, Green Energy Technology, EV Systems Installations, Shore Power Systems, Uninterrupted Power Systems, Off-Grid Power Systems Technology and Systems Design, UPS
Genset Systems and Systems Design, Solar, Wind, and Hydro Turbine Systems, Power Integration Design
and Development.

Prof. Affiliations

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 6 (I.B.E.W)

Prior Expert

35 years of Electrical Construction and Development Design.

John A. Budny MBA, PhD


PharmaCal, Ltd.

2205 Hilltop Drive
Redding, CA 96002
Phone: (818) 706-8490 Alternate: (800) 498-2351 Email: Website:


Toxicology, Pharmacology, Wrongful Death, Drug-Related Impairments, In Custody Death, Drug-Related Sexual Assault



Formal Education

PhD - The Ohio State University College of Medicine
MBA - Pepperdine University
BS - Lewis University

Previous/Current Position

Industrial Toxicologist - 20+ years
Consulting and Expert Witness Toxicologist - 30+ years
Roundtable of Toxicology Consultants
Editorial Board, International Journal of Toxicology


National Institutes of Health Fellow for Graduate Studies
MBA Degree with Honors

Prof. Affiliations

Society of Toxicology, American College of Toxicology, New York Academy of Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, The American Institute of Chemists, Association of Consulting Chemists


50+ Peer Reviewed Publications (Research Articles, Book Chapters, Toxicology/Forensic/Medical Book Reviews)
300+ Confidential Consulting Reports for Clients
10+ Patents

Prior Expert

30+ years, Multiple State Superior and District Courts and various Federal District Courts
Deposition and Trial Testimonies

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