Resolve Conflict with Mediation

Mediation resolves disputes with the help of a neutral third person. The neutral person (the mediator) has no power to impose a decision if all parties do not agree to settle the case. The mediator helps parties focus on the key issues of the dispute and explore options for settlement.

Mediation brings people in conflict together without going to court. Going to court can divide people and increase hostility. Mediation looks to the future. It helps end the problem, not the relationship.

Why use Mediation?

  • It's Effective – More than 90% of mediations result in long-term resolutions with mutual satisfaction
  • It's Quick – Mediations happen within two to four weeks of the initial request
    It's Inexpensive – There is no fee for the first three hours of mediation services
  • It's Convenient – Mediation sessions accommodate participants' schedules and locations
  • It's Empowering – Mediation allows people to develop mutual solutions and protects their rights
  • It's Confidential – Statements made during the mediation and documents prepared for the mediation are not admissible in any legal proceeding without the written consent of all parties

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