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Allan Schwartz


Allan Schwartz

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate, HOA/Neighbor Disputes, Landlord Tenant, Contracts, Construction, Business, Arts and Entertainment, Trademark, Copyright, Professional Malpractice, Fee Disputes and Fiduciary Duty Claims

Allan Schwartz believes that, above all else, success counts. Every mediation he has conducted for many years has resolved through the mediation process.

Schwartz’s mediation specialty is small to medium sized cases. He finds these tend to benefit most from mediation as costs can easily otherwise tower over the controversy. His fee structure is commensurate.

Schwartz’s prime goal in mediation is to help place a problem in the rear view mirror. He calls on all mediation participants, including attorneys, to contribute to its success; thus he believes they all deserve the mediator’s recognition and respect. He can generally schedule and conduct mediations soon, when desired.

Above all else, that extra measure of effort can pay off. Usually in mediations there are moments of doubt. A dedicated, tenacious mediator can spell the difference between resolution and frustration.

Schwartz is an experienced attorney in both transactional and litigation assignments. He has represented Plaintiffs and Defendants fairly equally. He has trained with a variety of mediation providers, in an array of techniques, and is on numerous mediation panels.

Schwartz’s expertise includes cases in Real Estate, Copyright, Contracts, Arts and Entertainment, Trademark, Construction, Business Law, Professional Malpractice, Fee Disputes and Fiduciary Duty Claims.

Schwartz has engaged in a wide variety of other activities. A few of these are that he developed and taught a law school course; has been a featured speaker at dozens of local events; helped found a law journal; chaired an alumni association advocacy committee; has been a land surveyor and civil engineer’s assistant; has qualified as an expert witness in different counties and is an author.

Hourly rate: $250

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