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Michael L. Marx

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Michael Marx

Areas of Expertise

Business disputes (including within the Cannabis industry), Commercial, Construction, Contract, Fee Disputes, Insurance, Real Estate, Cannabis Business Disputes

In over 40 years of legal practice, Michael Marx has developed an ability to quickly discern the essence of issues in contention in order to fashion a resolution that addresses all of the interests involved. He has extensive experience in all aspects of construction disputes, having represented the interests of owners, architects, engineers, contractors and material suppliers. He has an understanding of projects as small as a house remodel and as large as educational buildings, office buildings or stadiums. He also has resolved legal disputes between businesses and individuals regarding contract matters, professional liability, insurance issues and other types of commercial disputes.

His ability to listen and his precise communication skills are the traits that are most praised by his clients and colleagues.

He is experienced in mediating on the Zoom platform, which has proven to be a valuable means of reaching agreement to resolve disputes. He is available to mediate disputes throughout California as well as throughout the San Francisco area.

Hourly Rate: $475

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