BASF Press Release

Letter from BASF's Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts Section to Governor Newsom Regarding Notarization during the Public Health Emergency

April 10, 2020, San Francisco—The Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Section of the Bar Association of San Francisco sent a letter to Governor Newsom asking for a temporary emergency modification of the statutes governing notarization.

Trusts and Estate practitioners have been inundated because much of their work involves planning for times of ill health and responding to emergency. However, this area of law requires notarized signatures and/or the attestation of independent witnesses.

An emergency order temporarily allowing the personal appearance requirement for notarial acts to be met through the use of audio/video technology, with the notary and signer in different physical and/or geographical locations, would allow practitioners to serve Californians while upholding the shelter-in-place order and protecting public health.

Read the letter in full. 

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