San Francisco Attorney Magazine

Summer 2021

Michael Cushing

Meet Your New Director of Membership Michael Cushing

BASF is thrilled to introduce your new Director of Membership, Michael Cushing. An experienced nonprofit executive, Michael will be working to ensure a growing and stable BASF community, promote member engagement, and manage member benefit partnerships to increase the value of your membership.

"We are looking forward to serving you in the best way possible as we all safely navigate this new post-Covid landscape. The Bar Association of San Francisco has a strong 150 year history; we've always adapted and evolved, and we will continue to do that," he said. "I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the coming weeks and months and discovering the personal stories behind your membership experience and how BASF can continue to support you in your legal practice in the future."

As COVID restrictions continue to lift in the Bay Area, it’s a great time to reconnect as we ramp up for in-person events and programs here at BASF! We are offering prorated, half-priced memberships beginning July 1. Renew your membership now and make the most of the rest of 2021.

At BASF, we know our members want to stay connected as we navigate this new normal, and we’re looking forward to a full calendar of networking and professional development events, both in-person and virtual, to strengthen our collective sense of community.

What have you missed in the last six months with BASF?

  • 115 virtual networking and professional development events, connecting over 5,800 members.
  • Essential resources for our members working from home, using lessons learned from our robust solo and small firm community.
  • Leadership Circle – Managing Partners get-together sharing solutions around law firm operations in this new reality.
  • Partnering with local and state courts and the governor's office to ensure access to justice for clients while protecting the health of the community.
  • Providing continuing legal assistance for people facing eviction and homelessness
  • Advocating for immigrants in detention and refugees seeking asylum.
  • Helping protect domestic violence survivors and providing them with the legal support they need to be safe.
  • Our continued advocacy on issues of racism and xenophobia, criminal justice reform and so much more.

How have you benefitted from your BASF Membership? Ideas about events or programming you would like to see BASF include? Michael would like to hear from you. You can reach him via email at or phone at 415.782.8964.