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Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corp

Medical Director, Assoc. Clinical ProfessorPsychiatry, UCSF

Mark I. Levy

655 Redwood Highway, Suite 271
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone: (415) 388-8040 Fax: (415) 634-2400 Email: Website:


5 Forensic Psychiatrists; 2 Forensic Neuropsychologists; Mass Tort Litigation; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - accidents, slip & fall, disaster, violence, loss/bereavement, death/divorce, sexual abuse/harassment, incest, rape/molestation, pain (PTSD symptoms: anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, flashbacks, extreme moodiness, hyper-vigilance, fearfulness, reduced performance, sexual dysfunction); ADA-Americans with Disabilities Act; Psychoanalysis; Psychotherapy; Psychopharmacology; Boundary Violations; Malpractice; Testamentary capacity/undue influence/will contests; Child Psychiatry & Custody Disputes; Autism; Traumatic Brain Injury; substance Abuse; Hospital & Emergency Psychiatry; Board Certified Adult, Child, Adolesent and Forensic Psychiatrist Anlee Kuo, JD, MD, Board Certified Adult and Forensic Psychiatrists Mark Levy MD, David Kan Md, Charles Saldanha MD and James Armontrout MD; Board Certified Forensic Neuropsychologist Ronald Roberts PhD; Neuropsychologist Sarah Hall PhD.


MD (CA, HI). Diplomate of the American Board Psychiatry and Neurology, Adult & Forensic Psychiatry.

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