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Jonathan S. Rutchik MD, MPH, FACOEM, FAAN

Associate Professor/
Neurology and Occupational Environmental Medicine


35 Miller Avenue
Suite 331
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone: (415) 381-3133 Alternate: (415) 606-1465 Fax: (415) 381-3131 Email: Website:


Neurology, Occupational Medicine, Neurotoxicology, Metals (Aluminum, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Manganese, Thallium, Tin, Zinc), Solvents, Pesticides, Carbon Monoxide, Electromyography, Environmental Exposures, Chemical Exposures, Toxic Neuropathy, Mold, Head Injuries, Head Trauma, Concussion, Chronic Pain. Neurological Fitness for Duty; police, firefighter, commercial driver, safety sensitive positions.



Michael L. Fischman, MD


Fischman Occupational & Environmental Medical Group

3527 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette, CA 94549
Phone: (925) 283-2366 Fax: (925) 282-3358 Email: Website:


Industrial toxicology; Environmental toxicology; Occupational & environmental medicine; Occupational/environmental cancer; Occupational lung disease; Indoor air quality/building-related illness; Heavy metal toxicity; Neurotoxicity; Pesticides; Mold health effects; Benzene.



Formal Education

BA, Bio-Medical Sciences, University of Michigan, 1976; MD, University of Michigan, 1979; Masters in Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences, University of CA, Berkeley, 1982.

Registration and Licenses

Diplomate, American Board of Preventive Medicine in Occupational Medicine; Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine.

Previous/Current Position

Consultant in Occupational & Environmental Medicine and Toxicology; Corporate Medical Director; Former Resident in Occupational Medicine and in Internal Medicine. Former Member (2009-2015), Board of Directors, American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).


Graduated with distinction and Alpha Omega Alpha honorary medical society member, University of Michigan Medical School. 2018 recipient of an ACOEM Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Education or Research in Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

Prof. Affiliations

Clinical Professor, Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; Board of Directors, American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (2009-2015); American Academy of Clinical Toxicology.


12; "Chemical Hazards of the Workplace," 3rd ed., Van Nostrand Reinhold: New York, 1991; "Occupational Cancer" in Current Occupational and Environmental Medicine, ed.: J. LaDou and R. Harrison, McGraw-Hill, 5th ed., (2014).

Prior Expert

Retained expert in over 100 cases, including toxic tort, product liability and commercial litigation involving chemical, physical, and biological hazards.

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