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W. Charles Perry & Associates

Principal Engineer

W. Charles Perry, PE

231 W. 41st Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403
Phone: (650) 638-9546 Alternate: (415) 509-2956 Email: Website:


Failure analysis and accident reconstruction of industrial accidents, automobile accidents, personal injuries, building fires, industrial fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and industrial explosions. Design evaluations of products and buildings at the system and component level. Safety evaluation of construction sites and industrial facilities. Products evaluated include chairs, ladders, rolling-scaffolds and barricades, medical tables, water heaters, space heaters, furnaces, file cabinets windows. Vehicles evaluated include cars, forklifts, bicycle, pedestrian, golf cart and cranes. Fires & explosions include houses & commercial kitchen fires, methamphetamine lab explosion, ammonium perchlorate factory explosion, synthetic crude oil refinery fire, natural gas explosions, urban-wildland fire and print-shop fire. Construction defects & failures evaluated include structural collapse, mold infestations, EIFS failures, slab failures, pipe leaks and breaks, retaining wall failures, sub-sea level sewer tunneling failure, foundation failures, neighborhood flooding, roof and window leakage. Earthquake damage evaluation of residential, light commercial and high-rise buildings.


MS, BS, PE, (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Materials Engineering, Fire Science & Engineering and Construction Management).

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Fari Barzegar PhD, P.E.

Founding Principal Engineer

Habitat Engineering & Forensics, INC.

446 - 17th Street, Suite 300
Oakland, CA 94612-2808
Phone: (510) 891-0300 Alternate: (510) 717-3600 Fax: (510) 891-0333 Email: Website:


Structural/civil engineering design/investigations; Buildings/components, bridges/silos/tunnels/public works; Earthquake/Wind/vibrations/fire/water/demolition damage; Construction defects/accidents; Code compliance; Errors/omissions; Failure analysis; Concrete/Shotcrete/Repair; Remediation/retrofit; Slip/trip & fall.


Ph.D.; M.S.; B.S. (Civil/Structural Engr., High Honors); Prof. Engr. (CA, TX); General Building Contractor (CA); NCEES National Record.

David Benaroya Helfant PhD

Senior Project Engineer/Project Mgr.

Seisco Engineering and and Bay Area Structural, Inc.

1187 Ocean Avenue
Emeryville, CA 94608
Phone: (510) 547-8540 Alternate: (510) 496-9369 Fax: (510) 527-7785 Email: Website:


Construction defect; Code compliance; Accidents, construction safety; Storm drainage, environmental investigations and mold testing; Concrete construction, curing, waterproofing; Foundations, repairs; Earthquake reinforcing; Litigation support, forensic investigations; ADR; Cost estimating; Casualty loss.


BS, PhD, Post Doctorate: Architecture & Engineering, CA "A"-Gen.Engr., CA "B"-Gen.Bldg., CA "C-21"-Demolition, Hazardous Remediation Lic., ICC #266760

Formal Education

BS, Cornell University, 1969; PhD, Statistical Analysis, University of Chicago, 1977; Post Doc., Architecture and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1981-83; Post Doc., Architecture/Environmental Design.

Registration and Licenses

Full Member-American Society of Civil Engineers; AIA, Assoc. Member, Professional Member, International Code Council, California General Engineering (A); California General Building (B); Hazardous Materials Removal and Remediation (HMRRC), Demolition and Structure Moving License (C-21).

Previous/Current Position

Design Principal, Seisco Engineering & Environmental Design Associates, General Mgr., Senior Project Engineer, Bay Area Structural, Inc., General Engineering Corporation. Research Specialist, Environmental Design Research; Professor, Community Development Studies; Professor, Public Administration. General Engineering and Environmental Designer and Construction Manager. Technical Expert - California State Contractors License Board. Certified Arbitrator, Cont. State License Board. Certified Arbitrator, Cont. State License Board.


US-Army Corps of Engineers- “Outstanding- Project”-1997; US-Air Force: “Outstanding Proj. Mgmt.”- 1999.

Prof. Affiliations

American Society of Civil Engineers; Professional Member, International Code Council. American Institute of Architects, Assoc. Mbr; Associate member American Institute of Architects; Charter member Structural Engineering Institute, ASCE.


4 publications; Two books - Earthquake Safe: A Hazard Reduction Manual for Homes; Drainage Methods for Dry Buildings and Stable Sites (forthcoming).

Prior Expert

250 cases as an expert witness; 750 special investigations; 10,000 structural and engineering inspections and assessment reports.

Josephson-Werdowatz & Associates, Inc.

Principal Structural Engineer

Carl H. Josephson, PE, SE
Dan R. Werdowatz, PE, SE
Stephen P. Kerr, PE, SE

6370 Lusk Boulevard
Suite F200
San Diego, CA 92121-2753
Phone: (858) 558-2181 x112 Fax: (858) 558-2188 Email: Website:


Josephson-Werdowatz & Associates (JWA), founded in 1988 and with licenses in twenty-nine states, has provided structural design and construction defect investigations/evaluations across the United States and abroad. Structural evaluations included wood, masonry, steel, and concrete structures as well as specialty materials. JWA has extensive experience in seismic and wind design. Evaluations also included code review and analysis, and standard of care analysis. JWA also provides consulting on geotechnical structures such as special foundations, underpinning, retaining walls, tie-backs, and soil nails, among others. JWA strives for a reasoned, accurate, and practical solution to structural engineering problems and deficiencies. Additional offices in Sacramento, Las Vegas, & Scottsdale.


Registered Structural Engineers: (CA, AZ, HI, LA, NV, OR, UT, WA); Registered Professional Engineers: (CO, CT, FL, ID, IN, KS, KY, MI, MO, MS, NM, NY, NJ, ND, OH, SC, TX, WV, WI)

Formal Education

Carl Josephson: BSCE; Dan Werdowatz; BSCE, MSCE


SEAOC Fellow, SEI Fellow, Robert Cornforth Award, Eugene Corley Award, Emeritus Member California BPELSG, ASCE Life Member

Prof. Affiliations


Prior Expert

Messrs. Josephson and Werdowatz have been retained in over 1,500 cases on behalf of plaintiffs, defendants, and cross-defendants.

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