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Institute of Risk and Safety Analyses

Chief Scientist

Kenneth A. Solomon, PhD

5324 Canoga Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone: (818) 348-1133 Alternate: (818) 348-0091 Fax: (818) 348-4484 Email: Website:


Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Human Factors, Computer Simulations, 3D Photography, Auto, Truck, Bike, Chair, Forklift, Ladder, Pool, Escalator, Elevator, Gate, Press, Industrial, Recreational, 3D Models, Slips/Trips, Criminal & Civil Cases. Staff size: 20


Ph.D.; P.E.; Post Ph.D.

Gary T. Moran PhD


Biomechanical Analysis & Research

3225 Thompson Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: (510) 865-5984 Email:


Biomechanics investigates forces and combines the fields of kinesiology/anatomy/physiology/human factors/engineering/clinical medicine, for evaluations as relate to: Accident investigation, injuries, slips/falls, product liability, medical/sport equipment, incident vs. pre-existing conditions, and prognosis of degenerative conditions/pathologies.



Christopher Gayner MSME

CEO / Senior Engineer

Expert Reconstruction Company LLC

Bay Area, Central California, Los Angeles/Orange Counties
Phone: (888) 687-1334 Email: Website:


Traffic Accident Reconstruction; Human Factors; Biomechanics; Occupant Kinematics; Restraint Systems; Airbags; Vehicle Speed-Time-Position Histories; Crash Data Retrieval; Accident Scene and Vehicle Inspections; Computer Simulations and Animations; Expert Testimony.


B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Pro/Consul Technical and Medical Experts

Rebecca DeButts

Experts throughout Northern California
Phone: (800) 392-1119 Alternate: (510) 733-2220 Fax: (925) 944-4999 Email: Website:


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MD; PhD; PE; CPA; etc.

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