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Jay Grossman D.D.S.

Professor of Dental Medicine

11980 San Vicente Blvd.
Suite 507
Brentwood, CA 90049
Phone: (310) 820-0123 Email: Website:


Since Aug 2021: Deposed over 100 times; Reviewed over 900 cases for both defense and plaintiff including peer review, accidents, and malpractice (53% defense / 47% plaintiff); Qualified in Superior Court over 50 times and never been disqualified; Spent at least 95% of my time in patient care.


Licensed in 42 states to opine on the standard of care, with specific licenses in California, Nevada, New Mexico and the Northeast; Florida Expert Certification

Formal Education

AEGD, College of Dentistry, NYU, 1989: DDS, Dentistry, NYU, 1988.

Registration and Licenses

FL, Expert Witness Cert. #DNEW34; NV State Lic. #4541; CA State Lic. #38686; NY, State Lic. #41901.

Previous/Current Position

Currently holds two professorships: UCLA School of Dentistry & NYU College of Dentistry; Former Professor at Western University College of Dental Medicine (2013-2018).


Founder of the non-profit "Homeless Not Toothless", which has made it possible over 100,000 homeless Veterans, women of domestic abuse and foster children to receive over $7.7 million in pro-bono dental care; Member: American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics (2013-present); ADA (1991); Peer Review Committee ADA (1995-2009); Delta Dental Peer Review (2000-present).

Prof. Affiliations

American Legion; Medical Disciplinary Committee Delta Dental; 15 years on the CA Dental Association Peer Review Committee; American Dental Association; Expert Witness, Veteran Administration QME examiner

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