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Fari Barzegar [ View Listing ]

Founding Principal Engineer

Habitat Engineering & Forensics, INC.

Oakland, CA

Specialty Areas

Accidents - Construction, Accidents (Investigation, Analysis, Reconstruction, Reenactment), Civil/Structural, Concrete/Foundations, Construction, Construction Defect, Engineering Disciplines, Failure Analysis, Failure Analysis - Construction, Other (slips, trips and falls, household and power tool accidents)


Structural/civil engineering design/investigations; Buildings/components, bridges/silos/tunnels/public works; Earthquake/Wind/vibrations/fire/water/demolition damage; Construction defects/accidents; ....

Ted S. Merrill & Sons, Inc. [ View Listing ]


Ted S. Merrill

La Mesa, CA

Specialty Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Carpentry/Framing, Claims/Disputes, Concrete/Foundations, Construction, Construction - Electrical, Construction Defect, Construction Mgmt., Cost Estimation, General Contracting, Insurance Damage Estimates, Mechanical/Plumbing/Piping/HVAC, Mediation/Collaborative - Non-Attorney, Project Management/Construction Management, Roofing/Waterproofing


68 years construction experience, specializing in damage repair work & structures damaged by fire, wind, motor vehicles, earth movement & construction defects. This work is estimated & contracted wit....

Tom Anderberg [ View Listing ]


Anderberg Construction Consulting, Inc.

Oakland, CA

Specialty Areas

Concrete/Foundations, Construction, Construction Defect, Drainage, Water Intrusion


50 years. Expert witness – construction defect, mediation, dispute resolution, appraisal. Drainage, water intrusion foundation, settlement, seismic, structural, general building issues, code compli....

David Benaroya Helfant [ View Listing ]

Senior Project Engineer/Project Mgr.

Seisco Engineering and and Bay Area Structural, Inc.

Emeryville, CA

Specialty Areas

Accidents - Construction, Claims/Disputes, Codes/Code Interpretation, Concrete/Foundations, Construction - Safety, Construction Defect, Environment, Hazardous Materials, Mold, Project Management/Construction Management


Construction defect; Code compliance; Accidents, construction safety; Storm drainage, environmental investigations and mold testing; Concrete construction, curing, waterproofing; Foundations, repairs....

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