BASF Press Release

Chauvin Verdict Provides Accountability But Hard Work Remains


April 20, 2021 — The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) hopes that the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd brings some small sense of justice to the Floyd family, but we recognize that there is much more work to be done.

Too often in America, Black people and all people of color are victims of police violence, and too often those victims and their families do not receive justice. Incidents of police violence and racist actions by some members of law enforcement erode our trust in law enforcement in general, create a sense of fear within communities of color, and tear at the fabric of our society. While today’s verdict provides some amount of accountability, the tragic killing of George Floyd cannot be undone and his family remains in mourning and will continue to suffer his loss long after the media coverage ends.

BASF’s Criminal Justice Task Force has long advocated, and will continue to advocate, for policing policies that address these systemic issues including the use of body-worn cameras, bias training, civilian oversight of the police department, police use-of-force policies, and more. We do this work because we understand the impact of unjust policing practices on our communities of color in our city and state, and we believe that through concerted action with members of the community and policy makers, we can continue to make an impact.

Today our thoughts are with the Floyd family.



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