CORP Racial Equity Partnership

The Racial Equity Partnership (REP) is a partnership between CORP and the East Bay Community Foundation’s ASCEND:BLO Initiative, as well as the Greenlining Institute’s Economic Equity Project, providing pro bono legal support to Black-led organizations (BLOs) in California.

Black-led organizations—that is, community organizations led by Black staff and/or Black board members—serve as the backbone for communities of color throughout the Bay Area. They are lifelines for low-income communities and critical vehicles for community empowerment and civic participation.

However, Black-led organizations have long been underfunded and under-supported by the nonprofit sector, and California BLOs have been closing their doors at alarming rates ever since the 2008 recession. Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and global economic crisis, even greater numbers of California’s BLOs are expected to dissolve.

The Racial Equity Partnership’s goal is to protect California’s communities of color by providing pro bono assistance to BLOs, including: (a) legal health check-ups; (b) access to a virtual Q&A board for help with time-sensitive issues, including COVID-19-related questions; and (c) referrals to volunteer attorneys.

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