Community Organization Representation Project

Since 1996, CORP provides pro bono assistance to Northern California nonprofit organizations, and those seeking to acquire nonprofit status, that provide direct services to low-income and underserved people. We assist these organizations, which do not have sufficient funds to pay attorneys, in the following areas: employment law, corporate governance and structuring, commercial leases, reinstatement with IRS, risk management, intellectual property and business contract issues.

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Click here for an expansive list of common services that may meet your organization’s needs; the list is not intended to be comprehensive.

Common services provided by CORP:

  • Draft, review and update employee handbooks and policies
  • Evaluate, advise and apply for tax exemption  
  • Draft or revise bylaws or articles of incorporation
  • Advice on hiring practices
  • Advice on best practices in corporate governance
  • Draft, review and negotiate contracts and leases
  • Registration of trademarks and copyrights
  • Prepare partnership and joint venture agreements
  • Advice on protecting tax-exempt status
  • Evaluate risks your organization may face and implement protections  

Services CORP does not provide: 

  • Active litigation matters 
  • Organizations that do not directly serve the low income or underrepresented individuals (i.e. services limited to providing referral service, advocacy, or lobbying  as its mission) 
  • Assistance with seeking or ending a fiscal sponsor relationship

The Racial Equity Partnership (REP)

REP is a partnership between CORP and the East Bay Community Foundation’s ASCEND:BLO Initiative, as well as the Greenlining Institute’s Economic Equity Project, providing pro bono legal support to Black-led organizations (BLOs) in California.

For Existing Nonprofits

CORP connects experienced transactional law attorneys with eligible nonprofits

For Emerging Nonprofits (Organizations not yet designated as a 501(c)(3)

Whether you’re already incorporated or looking to incorporate, CORP can help your organization obtain 501(c)3 status


For Returning CORP Clients

If you have been a CORP client within the last 2 years, take advantage of our expedited application process

For Volunteer Attorneys

Volunteer your time and talent by assisting organizations that serve low-income and/or underserved individuals 

The Racial Equity Partnership (REP)

REP is a partnership with the East Bay Community Foundation’s ASCEND: BLO Initiative and the Greenlining Institute’s Economic Equity Project. Click here to find out more

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the CORP and how to access services on our FAQ page 

CORP Impact

• 113 nonprofits served through CORP
• 267 CORP volunteer attorneys
• 4,731 hours volunteered

* Includes data collected from 2020 and 2021