Family Law Court Appointment Panels

Our Lawyer Referral and Information Service program administers the Family Law Court Appointment Panels. We welcome any questions and we are happy to assist you as you learn more about this interesting and important work in family court proceedings.

These are small panels of qualified attorneys from the private sector, appointed as independent contractors by the Judges of our Family Law Court in three areas:

  • Minors in Family Court proceedings
  • Indigent parties in Adoption proceedings
  • Indigent parties in Family Law Contempt proceedings

Family Law Court Appointment Panels Document Library

If you are an attorney member of the family law panels - use the forms posted below to expedite your billing process.

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To join or renew your court appointment program panel membership, please visit the LRIS Membership page. Court appointment panel applications can be found under Step 2 on that page. Members of the Court Appointment Programs are also eligible for private referrals at no additional cost.

The Application Process: Attorneys eligible for appointment and compensation from the Superior Court on these three Family Law Court Appointment Panels must first meet the qualifications as set out in the (1) Family Law Application (Subpanels: Minor’s Counsel, Adoptions and Family Law Contempt) or (2) Criminal Law Application (Family Law Contempt only). Applications are submitted to BASF for initial review and then forwarded to the court for judicial approval. Like all Court Appointment panels, the application process includes a confidential peer reference review as well.

Each panel has different qualifications consistent with the expertise needed for each panel. The qualifications are outlined on the applications. BASF and the Superior Court recognize that often qualified attorneys do not meet each and every requirement for a particular panel and therefore, applicants are encouraged to advise BASF by letter of experience which is substantially equivalent to that required by the application pursuant to Rule 6 of the LRIS Rules.

The application requirements reflect the commitment of BASF and the Superior Court to zealous advocacy, ensuring due process for each and every party in these Family Law Proceedings.

The Superior Court has established a protocol for appointment and compensation of counsel in all three of these areas as described further in the Overview link below and the Compensation forms are similarly linked below. Contact the Director of Court Programs with any questions.