Do You Need a Lawyer in San Francisco or Marin County?

In compliance with consumer protection standards under the State Bar of California, the SF-Marin LRIS provides referrals to attorneys who have met experience criteria in over 100 specific areas of the law and are insured, ethical professionals interested to help.

How Does It Work?

When you call, an experienced LRIS representative will ask you a few questions. These questions help us determine what kind of lawyer or legal service you may need. The LRIS representative will call you back within one or two business days with information about your referral. During this time, we find a lawyer who agrees to meet with you about your legal matter. We'll give you the name of the lawyer who has agreed to meet with you, and the date, time, and location of your first meeting.

Alternatively, if you are unable to call in at this time, you can request a referral online through either our Online Request Form or Self-referral. The Online Request Form collects your request and places you in queue to speak with a legal interviewer to complete an intake. The Self-Referral allows our service to match you with an attorney at any time of the day. You can choose the area of law that you need assistance with, describe your situation, and schedule your consultation directly with an experienced attorney. If there’s no available attorney for your legal matter you will be advised to complete a phone intake or submit an online request.

What Does It Cost?

If you have been injured, the referral and the first 30-minute consultation with your lawyer is absolutely free. For all other legal issues, you pay $35 for the referral, which includes the first 30-minute consultation.

For the California Relay Service: Dial 711 or, from TTY, dial (800) 735-2929, or visit California Relay Service for more information.

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We care about your privacy. 

There are many attorney referral services available online. You should know that the Lawyer Referral & Information Service is certified by the State Bar of California and approved by the American Bar Association and meets the high standards set by each. As the largest and oldest public service program of The Bar Association of San Francisco, we’ve been referring individuals like you for over 70 years.