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LRIS for Attorneys: Program Overview

Attorney Testimonials


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"I can’t tell you how invaluable LRIS clients have been to the growth of our firm this year!  Thank you for everything."
-Eric Toscano, Esq. Toscano, Kellogg & Van Aken LLP

“Thank you to the entire staff at the Referral Service for their hard work and dedication.  I really appreciate all you do for my practice. You all truly help the community and those in need of access to justice.”
-Daniel Sterrett, Law Offices of Daniel Sterrett:

“…LRIS changes hundreds if not thousands of lives every year for the better by providing access to the legal system which clients would not otherwise have.”
-TB (Business, Probate, Real Estate attorney)

“Through the LRIS, I meet with clients you can put your heart into.” -LRIS Family Law panel member

“We have had about 20 really good personal injury cases through the LRIS, and have now settled or tried our fifth, six-figure case through the Service.”
- LRIS Personal Injury Panel member

“The LRIS is continually there as a resource to both clients and attorneys – it’s a great service.”
- Family and Dependency Law Panel member

“The LRIS is a great public service.  Not only does it provide assistance to the community on a variety of levels, it’s a great way for attorney to grow their practice.” 
- Former LRIS Oversight Committee Chair

“The Panel is a great way to get referrals, as high a quality of referrals as you’ll find.” 
- LRIS Disability Rights Panel Member


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