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LRIS for Attorneys: How to Join LRIS

Each year, more than 50,000 individuals and businesses worldwide contact us seeking qualified, experienced legal representation from San Francisco and Marin County attorneys like you.

One year's membership includes one free panel.

One year's membership + One free panel $125.00
Each additional panel $60.00
Non-BASF members must add $75.00

First, you must have a San Francisco office, and Errors and Omission insurance.

  1. Attorney Agreement: Download and fill out the agreement in full (263KB PDF).
  2. Attorney Agreement – Marin Panel: Download and fill out the agreement in full (118KBPDF)
  3. Panel Applications: You must first choose a panel. Select your desired practice, download the application, fill it out and follow the rest of the steps below. If you are renewing your LRIS membership, please note that panel members are required to fill out an application(s) every few years.  If you need to fill out an application(s) in a given membership year, the LRIS will inform you about which panel applications are due at the time renewal notifications are sent for the incoming membership year.

  4. If you are an attorney meeting the experience requirements in a field of law represented among our applications, consider joining our Military Assistance Program. Check the box for “MAP” on the LRIS Attorney Agreement. Learn more about the Military Assistance Program.
  5. Read the LRIS Rules. (59KBPDF)
  6. View the LRIS Forwarding Fee Schedules (59KBPDFPDF)
  7. Mail the forms and your check with the correct amount to:
    LRIS Membership Coordinator
    The Bar Association of San Francisco
    301 Battery Street, Third Floor
    San Francisco, California 94111
  8. Once we receive your check and applications, it should take five to ten business days to process your forms. Certain areas of law, e.g., criminal and juvenile law, may take longer.
  9. We will notify you when your application for membership has been approved. If you are renewing your membership, we will only notify you if you do not requalify.
  10. You will then be placed into rotation to receive referrals from our service.


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