3 Reasons to Join Our Register of Experts

3 Reasons to Join Our Register of Experts

All of us have some type of expertise, even if we don’t use it in our everyday jobs. Sharing that expertise in The Bar Association of San Francisco’s (BASF) Register of Experts (ROE) can provide new opportunities professionally and financially. Here are 3 reasons to join our ROE.

Grow Your Firm and Brand
Listing in our Directory puts you front and center for potential clients looking to hire in your area of expertise. With 563 categories of expertise in our Directory you can showcase your experience, accomplishments, and rise above competitors. Reporters and media outlets also consult BASF’s ROE Directory to find experts for stories, and sharing your expertise with the public will build your brand and credibility.

Supplement or Replace Your Primary Income
Getting hired as an expert can be a new income source, especially for solo or small firms. ZipRecruiter averages for Expert Witnesses in the state of California show an annual income of almost $150,000 a year. Just a few hours of expert work will pay for your listing in the ROE. Plus, the startup costs to become an expert are low and you can typically use your existing office tools and infrastructure you are already paying for.

Experience Different Parts of the Legal Profession
Similar to how pro bono opportunities can create pathways to experience different parts of the legal profession like working in a courtroom, the same is true about sharing your expertise in the ROE. Joining the ROE exposes you to more diverse cases, areas of law, and venues to practice.

Visit our “How to Become a Lister” page to learn more or contact ctucker@sfbar.org. Do you run an Alternative Dispute Resolution Firm? We also have an ADR Directory. Learn how you can list here.