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Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS): Attorney-to-Attorney Advice Program (ATAA)


This free BASF resource puts attorneys—who may be unfamiliar in certain areas of law—in contact with more experienced practitioners willing to act as a mentor or adviser.

To access this benefit, please call 415-477-2374 and ask for an Attorney-to-Attorney referral.

In operation since 1975, our LRIS department handles hundreds of requests for referrals every year.

Through our ATAA program, BASF members can speak with one or more attorneys who have been pre-screened for their experience in the area of law in which they seek help.  

How It Works

When attorneys join LRIS, they are asked if they are interested in providing free advice to other attorneys through the ATAA Program.

LRIS attorneys are required to demonstrate experience in the area of law for which they wish to receive referrals, and qualified practitioners give advice only in those areas of law in which they have demonstrated experience.

Attorneys requesting a referral to an advice attorney are given the names and telephone numbers of three attorneys with appropriate experience who have agreed to advise other lawyers.  All arrangements for advice are then made directly between the attorneys.

We thank all our lawyers who have signed up to help their associates through this program.

Join or renew your LRIS membership today.