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LRIS for Attorneys: Indigent Defense Administration (IDA)

Our IDA program is committed to maintaining a panel of highly qualified criminal and juvenile defense attorneys for indigent adults and minors charged with crimes in San Francisco.

If you are an attorney, investigator or expert witness - use these forms to expedite your billing process. You'll also find important publications regarding many mandatory procedures.

How the Billing Process Works


Mandatory Procedures and Guidelines


Attorney, Investigator & Interpreter Billing Forms

Download Billing Form Instructions (53KB PDF)

Appellate Billing Forms PDF Word
Appellate Billing download
Attorney/Criminal Billing Forms PDF Word
Attorney/Criminal Bill download
Additional Attorney/Criminal Worksheets download
Attorney/Delinquency Billing Forms PDF Word
Attorney/Delinquency Bill download
Additional Attorney/Delinquency Worksheets download
Attorney/Delinquency Coversheet download
Investigator/Criminal Billing Forms PDF Word
Investigator/Criminal Bill download
Additional Investigator/Criminal Worksheets download
Investigator/Delinquency Billing Forms PDF Word
Investigator/Delinquency Bill download
Additional Investigator/Delinquency Worksheets download
Interpreter Forms PDF Word
Interpreter Declaration Form download
Order for Interpreter Services download
Authorization for Translator or Transcriber download


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