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@SFBARBarristers: news and events for new attorneys and law students from BASF’s Barristers Club

The Bar Association of San Francisco

  • @sfbar: news and announcements about BASF, its members, the legal community, tech news and more
  • @YolandaSFBar:  news from BASF and JDC Executive Director Yolanda Jackson
  • @SFBARCLE: updates on cle seminars and legal education in general
  • @SFBARBarristers; news and events for new attorneys and law students from BASF’s Barristers Club Director Kallie Donahoe
  • @SFBAR_ADR: news from BASF’s Alternative Dispute Resolution department

Justice & Diversity Center

  • @JDC_Probono: news and updates about the Justice & Diversity Center's Legal Services Program, its volunteers and staff
  • @JDC_Pipeline: news about and relevant to the Justice & Diversity Center's diversity education programs



The Bar Association of San Francisco

The Justice & Diversity Center (JDC)

  • Visit the JDC's Legal Services Program page on Facebook at for news about our volunteers, staff and law firms, as well as pro bono opportunities and events.

  • Visit for information and photos from the Mock Trial program and competition.

  • The JDC Diverse Law Students page on Facebook offers resources for local law students, including networking opportunities, educational opportunities and more.

  • The Destination Law School page on Facebook is geared towards undergrads in the Bay Area who are interested in attending law school. Visit for resources about law school and the legal profession, including workshops hosted at local colleges and junior colleges.


Vimeo and YouTube

Visit our Vimeo and YouTube accounts to access videos about the association's programs and educational content.


@sfbarassn - showcases our awesome members and volunteers as well as BASF and JDC events