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Ann Mahony

Ann Mahony

Board Certified Document Examiner

Box 475166
San Francisco, CA 94147
Phone: (415) 441-0273 Alternate: (415) 640-0007 Fax: (415) 441-0233 Email: Website:


QUESTIONED DOCUMENTS, including: Signatures, handwriting, hand printing; initials, anonymous letters; graffiti; wills, deeds, contracts, notary entries, medical records; manufactured documents; alterations/obliterations, ink & paper examination; substituted pages, IR/UV/ESDA capability; photography & exhibit prep; review of opposing reports & prep of deposition/trial questions. Corporate seminars and in-house training.



Formal Education

BS, University of Cincinnati; Certificate in Marketing, Berkeley. Paralegal Studies, San Francisco State.

Registration and Licenses

Board Certified Document Examiner, NADE; American Institute of Applied Sciences Certificate in Document Examination; Proficiency Tested, Collaborative Testing Services.

Previous/Current Position

President, West Coast Forensic Specialists, Forensic Handwriting Research Institute Affiliate.


Photography Scholarship, DAI. Led research study on assisted and guided hand signatures of bedridden and elderly subjects, NADE. Presented paper on bar code time dating of questioned documents NADE. Presented paper on the effects of stokes in handwriting NADE. Presented paper on simultaneous simulated calendar entries NADE. Lectures/Training seminars presented to: State Bar of California; California Judge’s Association; Northern California Fraud Investigators Assn; California Assoc. of Police Training; Calif. Burglary & Theft Investigators, National Assn. of Document Examiners; Safeway; Pacific Bell.

Prof. Affiliations

National Association of Document Examiners; Northern California Fraud Investigators Association, American Society for Testing & Materials, subcommittee on Questioned Documents; Forensic Expert Witness Association; Technical Advisory Service to Attorneys.


Document Security Integrity, the importance of watermarks in dating documents.

Prior Expert

Court Qualified since 1982; offered testimony before Municipal, Superior and Federal Courts and in arbitration; retained in 1000+ cases. Clients include: Coldwell Banker, Bank of America, FedEx, UPS, Macy’s, Dow Chemical, as well as numerous law firms and individual attorneys.