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Anish S. Shah

Anish S. Shah MD

CEO and Medical Director of Siyan Clinical Co.

480 Tesconi Circle
Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone: (707) 206-7268 2 Alternate: (707) 696-8045 Fax: (707) 206-7254 Email: Website:


Psychiatry; Researcher; Expert Witness


Medical License, CA, 2003 - Present; DEA License, CA, 2003-Present; Medical Practice License, India, 1995-Present; QME for OA, 2012 - Present.

Formal Education

Medical License, Psychiatry, University of Illinois, 2003-Present; Medical Practice License, Medical University India, 1995-Present

Registration and Licenses

DEA License 2003, QME for CA Workers Compensation. Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certificate.

Previous/Current Position

Currently CEO and Medical Provider of Siyan Clinical Co.; CEO and Medical Director of Napa State Hospital 2011-2012; Sonoma County Mental Health - Psychiatrist, 2005-Present.


Chair of Education Committee, University of Illinois, 2003; Chair, Discussion Group, University of Illinois, 2004; Class Representative of Psychiatry Residents, University of Illinois 2000.

Prof. Affiliations

American College of Physician Executives, American Psychiatric Assoc., California Psychiatric Assoc., Indian Medical Assoc., Sonoma County Bar Assoc., Marin County Bar Assoc.


(9 publications) Evaluation of Malingering Patient with Chronic Pain - Sonoma Medicine, 2015; Traumatic Reactions After Wild Fires; Common Reactions and Coping - Sonoma Medicine, Winter Issue: 29-32; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Law Enforcement Officers - Fort Journal of Neuroscience & Psychology, Volume 1 - Issue 3: 1-14

Prior Expert

Performed Expert Witness Reports, Fitness for duty Evaluations for both Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys