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Essential workers, including people working in health care facilities, grocery stores and shelters, delivery and transit workers, as well as teachers and emergency personnel are facing the frightening possibility of infection while performing essential duties. To do our part in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bar Association of San Francisco and the Justice & Diversity Center are leading a group of Bay Area lawyers and organizations to provide legal help to essential workers in need. To help these workers protect themselves and their families, volunteer attorneys and experienced trust and estate lawyers stand by to help with emergency planning needs, including temporary powers of attorney, health care directives, and wills.

Incapacity Planning

Unlike retirement or estate planning, incapacity planning is not something many adults think about. Imagining what might happen if you lose your ability to make your own choices or control your own body can be unpleasant, but during public health crises, incapacity planning can spare your family and loved ones the burden of making impossible choices on your behalf.

An incapacity plan ensures that should something happen to you, your financial, medical, and personal matters will be handled in accordance with your wishes, or by a person who represents your interests.

If you want to schedule a 1-hour videoconference consultation with a pro bono attorney(s) about drafting and executing incapacity plans, fill in our online request form.

Estate Planning

During times of uncertainty, an estate plan can bring much-needed clarity by providing clear, written guidance to your loved ones on what should be done in your absence. Estate planning can be complicated at times, however, and difficult for non-lawyers to navigate on their own.

Our hope is that, by helping to clear this one complication from their plates, we can provide some comfort to our medical frontline workers as they continue their daily work of helping people and saving lives.

If you would like to consult an experienced trusts & estates lawyer to help you with your estate plan, fill in our online request form. Please note that if you have complex estate planning needs (e.g., involving revocable trusts, court orders, etc.), we may forward your request to a panel of trusts & estates attorneys for representation at a reduced cost.

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