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Justice & Diversity Center Pro Bono Legal Services (JDC)

Family Law


Family Law Project

JDC's Family Law Project assists low-income individuals and families with family law matters including marital dissolutions, child custody, and child support. The project also assists with related issues such as domestic violence restraining orders, guardianships, conservatorships, wills, and powers of attorney. While the emphasis is on full-scope representation, in which the volunteer takes the case from start to finish, we also have limited scope opportunities to assist clients with specific hearings. All prospective volunteers are required to complete our two-part CLE training in family law.


Family Law Assisted Self-Help Project (FLASH)

JDC’s Family Law Assisted Self-Help Project (FLASH) was created to provide assistance, education and information to low-income individuals who represent themselves (in pro per) in Family Court. The supervising attorney is responsible for the continuous development and management of this program aimed at helping litigants with family law matters, including dissolution (divorce), child support, child custody and visitation, spousal support, drafting legal documents and answering questions about the availability of additional community resources. The supervising attorney position is primarily based at the San Francisco Unified Family Court. At this time, there are no volunteer opportunities available through our FLASH project.



JDC receives referrals for uncontested guardianships from the Superior Court's ACCESS center, which assists unrepresented litigants.  JDC assists low-income clients obtain a guardianship of the person (we do not help with guardianships of the estate). Through this project, we assign cases to volunteer attorneys and provide a mentor if necessary. Cases generally require meeting with the client and then filling out the necessary forms and filing with the court. After filing, there will be a hearing in the probate court and then the letters of guardianship are issued. Before you volunteer with this project, you must attend our free CLE training.


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