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John Rohosky

Principal Architect

John Rohosky AIA Architect

5214 F Diamond Heights Boulevard, #223
San Francisco, CA 94131-2175
Phone: (415) 370-3070 Fax: (415) 587-9364 Email: Website:


Forensic architect; Expert witness; Construction defects; Code compliance; Slips and falls; Remedial construction documents/construction administration; Life safety issues; Guardrail/handrail/stairway design; Water intrusion; plan defects; Architecture standards of care, ADA.


Licensed Architect C-7096 (CA); Licensed Contractor B-402418 (CA); BS Architecture.

Formal Education

BS, Architecture, Catholic University, 1967; Graduate studies in City Planning and Urban Design, 1968.

Previous/Current Position

Principal Architect.


National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) "Remmies" awards: 1st Place: Design/Residential Interior; 1st Place: Contractor Residential Exterior; 1st Place: Design/Residential Exterior; 2nd Place: Design/Residential Interior; Merit Award: Design Residential/Exterior; Ford Foundation Grant.

Prof. Affiliations

AIA (American Institute of Architects); CSI (Construction Specification Institute); FEWA (Forensic Expert Witness Association)


Technical Reviewer, "Home Remodeling for Dummies"; Design project featured in Taunton Press book titled "At Work, At Home."

Prior Expert

Depositions/court testimony -- approximately 85+ cases over 35 years (30+ depositions, 8 courtroom testimonies) involving: Slips and falls (stairs, handrails, guardrails); construction defects; water intrusion; building code and maintenance issues; defective architectural plans, construction assemblies, injury involving life safety elements as stairs, guardrails and handrails. Court appointed expert in a case involving a neighbor's dispute, consulted to the DOJ (Dept. of Justice) in a matter involving the VA (Veterans Administration); and
ADA codes as applied to a HOA (Home Owners Association) case.

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W. Charles Perry & Associates

Principal Engineer

W. Charles Perry

231 W. 41st Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403
Phone: (650) 638-9546 Email: Website:


Failure analysis and accident reconstruction of industrial accidents, automobile accidents, personal injuries, building fires, industrial fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and industrial explosions. Design evaluations of products and buildings at the system and component level. Safety evaluation of construction sites and industrial facilities. Products evaluated include chairs, ladders, rolling-scaffolds and barricades, medical tables, water heaters, space heaters, furnaces, file cabinets windows. Vehicles evaluated include cars, forklifts, bicycle, pedestrian, golf cart and cranes. Fires & explosions include houses & commercial kitchen fires, methamphetamine lab explosion, ammonium perchorate factory explosion, synthetic crude oil refinery fire, natural gas explosions, urban-wildland fire and print-shop fire. Construction defects & failures evaluated include structural collapse, mold infestations, EIFS failures, slab failures, pipe leaks and breaks, retaining wall failures, sub-sea level sewer tunneling failure, foundation failures, neighborhood flooding, roof and window leakage. Earthquake damage evaluation of residential, light commercial and high-rise buildings.


MS, BS, PE, (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Materials Engineering, Fire Science & Engineering and Construction Management).

Pro/Consul Technical and Medical Experts

Rebecca DeButts

Experts throughout Northern California
Phone: (800) 392-1119 Alternate: (510) 733-2220 Fax: (925) 944-4999 Email: Website:


Right Expert Right Away! (trademake symbol - R in the circle) 15,000 experts in thousands of specialties. Over 8,000 medical and technical experts in Northern California alone. We apply rigorous standards in the selection of our experts. If we don’t have the expert you need, we begin researching immediately. NO CHARGE for research and initial interview. RUSH cases welcome. Service to the attorney is our top priority. Providing the best expert at a reasonable cost is our goal. Simply submit your request and our case coordinators will do the rest! Free resume binder available. Free MCLE classes offered at your law firm. Mediation and Arbitration division.
Please see Display Ads on Outside Back Cover and Page ii.


MD; PhD; PE; CPA; etc.

Michael Hamman


Michael Hamman, General Contractor

702 Earl Street
San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone: (415) 643-1376 Alternate: (415) 265-0954 Fax: (415) 643-6954 Email: Website:


Construction defects and failures, code violations, cost estimates, foundations and structural work a specialty, soils/drainage/settlement problems, project management, special ability to explain complicated technical issues to the public, 40 years experience.


Gen. Contractors Lic. B-1; EPA Certified Renovator.

Formal Education

BA, San Francisco State University

Prof. Affiliations

National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

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