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Ahern Insurance Brokerage

BASF’s endorsed insurance brokerage offering discounted comprehensive insurance products. Ahern Insurance Brokerage (AHERN) and The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) have enjoyed a working relationship that dates back to 2001, when the agency became the Endorsed Insurance Broker for Professional Liability Insurance coverage.

Professional Liability

As a legal professional, you have potential exposures, which is why professional liability insurance – also called errors and omissions insurance – covers attorneys for errors (and omissions) that you have made or that a client perceives you have made.

Professional Liability insurance is offered through AXA XL, through the subsidiaries of AXA. AXA XL is the P&C and specialty risk division of AXA, known for solving even the most complex risks. AXA had a gross revenue of Euro 97 Billion in 2020. AXA XL’s core operating insurance and reinsurance companies have one or more of the following financial strength ratings as of November 2020: A.M. Best A+, S&P AA-.

Here’s a quick overview of professional liability insurance available to BASF members:


  • BASF member premium discounts available if the firm has one of the following:
    • Attends a BASF MCLE seminar in Ethics, Risk Management or Loss Avoidance
    • Employs a Legal Administrator or a Certified Legal Specialist
  • $50,000 Additional Defense Expense
  • Insured has input in the selection of Defense Counsel
  • Free Retirement and Disability ERP options (subject to policy conditions)
  • Payment of up to $35,000 per policy period for the Defense of Disciplinary Actions (does not erode policy limit)
  • Deductible reduced by 50% (not to exceed $5,000) if the insured agrees to binding arbitration or mediation at carrier’s request
  • Up to $10,000,000 in Primary Limits
  • Risk Management Program for firms from 1-10 in size, to include:
    • Risk management hotline
    • Access to resources on the Lawyers’ Risk Management website
    • Quarterly newsletters and client email alerts

To speak with an AHERN Professional, please contact Randy Gust at 858-514-7137 or via email at

To receive a no-obligation quote, you can apply online today!

Business Programs

Ahern Insurance Brokerage now provides BASF members with General Liability, Property and Workers’ Compensation through The Hartford, an Admitted Carrier rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best.

Note: When purchasing a Business Owner’s Policy and Workers’ Compensation policies from The Hartford, you will be eligible to receive an additional 10% credit (minimum premiums apply).

Workers' Compensation

Here’s a quick overview of workers’ compensation insurance available to BASF members:

  • Premium discount for BASF members
  • Online loss control prevention services

General Liability and Property

Here’s a quick overview of general liability and property insurance available to BASF members:

  • Specialized coverage enhancements for law firms
  • Multi-policy discount may apply
  • 24-hour claims reporting
  • Business Income/Extra Expense – 12 month Actual Loss Sustained

To apply for Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and/or Property insurance, or if you’d like more information, please contact Summer Gorsica at (858) 514-7116 or via email at

Or apply online.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Ahern provides BASF members with employment practices liability insurance (wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment coverage) through Berkley Insurance Company, an Admitted Carrier with a rating of "A+" (Superior) by A.M. Best. This program offers members premium discounts and specific law firm enhancements.

Here’s a quick overview of Employment Practices Liability insurance available to BASF members:

  • BASF member discounted rates
  • Loss control services available
  • Specific law firm coverage enhancements
  • Third-party coverage included
  • $150,000 additional claims expense limit
  • Risk Management Program to include the following:
    • Website, MyHRHelp
    • Employment helpline
    • Employment Law Updates newsletter

Additional policy enhancements include:

  • Privacy Violation Coverage: covers employers for liabilities they may incur in the event of a loss or theft of employee personal information
  • Employment Event Coverage: provides employers with a sublimit to cover the cost of hiring a public relations firm, security firm, or mental health professionals to cope with the aftermath of layoffs, public allegations of harassment, or workplace disaster

To apply for Employment Practices Liability insurance coverage, or for more information, contact Kelley L. Milks, CIC CRM RPLU, 800-282-9786,

Or apply online.

To learn more about these special offerings for BASF members, visit Ahern Insurance Brokerage online.

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