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Alice Shikina

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Alice Shikina

Areas of Expertise

Landlord Tenant, Personal Injury, Entertainment, Employment, Family Disputes

As a certified mediator, Alice Shikina has a unique background. She has over 20 years of theatre experience, which she brings to her mediation practice. She is a practiced improviser and an excellent people reader. She has mediated hundreds of hours of landlord/tenant cases, as well as families/au pair cases. She is a good listener, compassionate and a true neutral. Shikina has coached mediators in training through UC Berkeley extension.

Shikina works hard to make sure that all parties are heard, and all issues are explored deeply. She believes that most situations can be resolved and she uses her creative, out-of-box thinking style to help parties come up with solutions that work with everyone. Shikina has a high success rate in settling cases she mediates.

Shikina is a member of the Bar Association of San Francisco and the Alameda County Bar Association, a volunteer mediator for the Superior Court of California in Alameda County and mediates for the San Francisco Police Accountability Department.

“I have worked with many expensive mediators, JAMS SF, JAMS San Jose, many retired judges, many mediators used by insurance defense firms, etc. Ms. Shikina is up there with the very best in getting results and settling cases, no matter how difficult.”

Peter Tuann, Esq.

Hourly Rate: $325

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