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Diana R. Passadori

Attorney and Mediator - Passadori Family Law & Mediation

Diana Passadori

Areas of Expertise

Family Law; Divorce; Domestic Partnership Dissolution; Property Division; Spousal and Child Support; Custody and Visitation Disputes, Including Move Away Requests; Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Agreements; Post-Judgment Modification and Enforcement.

Diana Passadori is a trained mediator and has practiced family law exclusively for over 10 years. She successfully completed the 40-hour mediation training with the Center for Understanding in Conflict located in Marin. Passadori’s passion for mediation stems from her approach to mediation: the mediation process is intended to place the ultimate decision-making power in the litigants’ hands in order to reach fair and enforceable agreements while avoiding the time and expense with court litigation.

The types of cases that Passadori has successfully mediated include divorce, child custody and paternity matters, same-sex relationships, pre-marital and post-marital agreements, property division, child support, and spousal support. Not only can she work with parties during the initial divorce or custody case, but she has ample experience with post-judgment modification and enforcement issues.

Passadori’s mediation strengths are derived from her extensive legal expertise in family law matters combined with her compassion for the clients she works with given the difficulty of the divorce process. She enjoys empowering her mediation clients to reach resolutions and agreements in order to make decisions for their lives and their children’s lives moving forward.

Based on her training with the Center for Understanding in Conflict, she conducts her mediations with both parties involved in each and every communication. Passadori does not have separate conversations or meetings with either person and nothing will be kept in confidence from the other person. She firmly believes that open, honest, and direct conversations will ensure the most efficient resolution of the dispute.

Hourly Rate: $375

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