Fee Disputes - Client

Do You Have a Fee Dispute With Your Attorney?

  • Did you receive a bill that you do not agree with?
  • Are there ongoing billing disputes between you and your attorney and you've thought of taking the matter to court?
  • Do you feel you are owed a refund from your attorney?

BASF's Fee Dispute program resolves such disputes in a client friendly way.
Our program features:

  • High satisfaction among participants
  • No counsel required
  • Experienced, friendly and helpful staff
  • Confidential
  • Convenient and expedient
  • Good value
  • Enforcement help

BASF Video Guide

For help filling out your Client's Request Form, watch this video guide. Click on the numbers 1-10 to watch each video segment.


Download the video guide


Do You Want to Start the Process of Fee Dispute Arbitration?

  • Please review the Rules of Procedure
  • When you decide that you want to engage our services, please fill out the Client Request Form. To submit your request, follow the instructions on the form.
  • Pay the administrative fee when you submit your form. The fee becomes part of the fee dispute and the arbitrator(s) will assess responsibility for the fee as part of the award.
  • After we receive your request, we notify the other party of your request and await their response.

Optional Mediation Process

Both you and your lawyer have the option of resolving your dispute through mediation first. During mediation, both parties work together to come to a resolution that works for everyone.

Mediation is also:

  • voluntary, and both sides must agree to it
  • less formal, and often takes less time than arbitration
  • four hours of mediation are covered by your administrative fee

If both parties agree to mediation, we will assign a mediator and notify you. The assigned mediator will contact both parties to set a mediation date. If you do not resolve your fee dispute in mediation, your dispute goes to arbitration.


We notify you when we have selected the arbitrator(s) for your dispute. Before we assign an arbitrator, we first make sure there is no conflict of interest.

We also send you a "Request for Hearing Dates" form to help us set up a date that is convenient for you. Once a date is set, you must show up at the location detailed in the "Notice of Hearing" you will receive in the mail.

Learn about what you can do to prepare for your fee dispute arbitration hearing.

Get prepared for your hearing

Reasons to use BASF's Fee Disputes program

Once the arbitrator(s) hears both sides of the story they take the matter "under submission." There is no award issued on this day. You will receive the award in the mail once a final decision has been made. At that time, you also receive a Notice of Your Rights After Arbitration.

Questions? Email adr@sfbar.org.