Fee Disputes Between Attorneys and Clients

This program helps attorneys and clients avoid the time and expense of taking a fee dispute to court. At issue is the amount of fees and/or costs the client must pay, or has already paid to the attorney.

In general, BASF has jurisdiction in a fee dispute if:

  • The attorney or the law firm has an office in San Francisco
  • The attorney or the law firm had an office in San Francisco at the time the services (or a substantial portion of the services) were provided
  • The client lives in San Francisco, and there is no local arbitration program available in the county where the attorney practices
  • The amount in dispute is over $1,000


There is an administrative fee (a percentage of the amount of the dispute). This fee covers up to four hours of fee dispute mediation and up to a full day of arbitration time from our panel of experts. If your dispute requires more time, there may be extra fees.

For detailed information, take a look at our Rules of Procedure. For a description of the legal code that governs attorney/client fee disputes, please read the Business and Professions Code.

Before considering taking your fee dispute to court, did you know there is an alternative process that can save you time and money?

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